Review: Replens vaginal moisturizer


I am finding that being perimenopausal has it’s ups and downs, and one of the things I have not enjoyed is vaginal dryness.   It absolutely drives me nuts.   It has been frustrating to have to depend all the time on other forms of lubrication for sex, and I am adjusting to having my honey reach over for the coconut oil before we start.   But when I can feel it during day to day activities, that gets me really frustrated.   I told my close friends recently that it feels like the Sahara Desert down there.

I had seen in the past in the feminine hygiene aisle of the store that besides lubes, their was also vaginal moisturizers, so I decided to try one.   Not knowing much about any of them, i decided to try Replens first.   I started trying it about a month ago.    I would recommend reading the package insert thoroughly before your first application.   When applied, Replens coats and soothes dry vaginal skin cells.   This product is supposed to continue to deliver moisture to the cells for days after application.   Dry cells are cleared out and the replens is eliminated naturally, and it should leave behind restored and supple cells inside the vagina.  It is recommended to be used once every 2-3 days, but is safe for daily use if necessary.

Keep in mind that this is a review of the product from my personal perspective.   Others may have differing views of the product.  Please feel free to write yourexperiences in the comment box below.

It was very easy to apply.   After opening the sealed wrapper on the individually wrapped package, you shake down the Replens into the small tip of the applicator, then break off the tip,  insert the applicator as far into the vagina as possible, squeeze the contents into place, then dispose of the applicator.    Personally, I didn’t feel like in the month that I used it that it really worked for me.   I tried to use it only once every 3 days like it recommended.    I still felt really dry inside, but i kept using it thinking it would take more time.   I started to use it more frequently…once every 2 days.    It never made sex easier, we still needed to use lots of coconut oil during intercourse.   I didn’t expect it to replace my own vaginal moisture, but I did hope that it would help some.   A few days ago, after intercourse, my husband drew my attention to the fact that there was what looked like product of a yeast infection on him (and on/in me upon further exam)   I didn’t feel like I had a yeast infection, but it sure looked like one.   The information pamphlet inside says “Some women may notice a residue after use of Replens–this is caused by the elimination of dead skin cells. Your body naturally sheds dry vaginal tissue that has built up over time. Replens helps this happen, leaving softer, more supple tissue behind. When used on a regular basis, Replens will prevent the build up of dead skin cells and the discharge should dissipate. If the discharge does not dissipate,  you may wish to wait an extra day or two between applications. While use is recommended every two to three days, every woman is unique and you may wish to increase or decrease the amount of time between Replens applications to maximize moisture and minimize discharge.” It made me wonder if this is what we were seeing, but it sure looked like yeast.   I would have expected to see that in the first half of the month though and not now at the latter half of the month we tried it.

The website has a Q&A for side effects, safety of the product and other questions that you might have about the product.  It is not a birth control or a spermicide.   Oral sex is safe when you are using this product.   You should not use it when on your menstrual cycle and should wait a few days after your cycle stops to resume using the product agian.   It does not cure infections.   If you use contraceptive gels or creams, you should use the Replens several hours before intercourse.   It is compatible with condoms.

I haven’t used this product for a very long period of time, and frankly, I stopped using it when I thought I was getting a yeast infection.   I may try it again in the future, but at this time, it hasn’t been a very useful or beneficial product for me.




  1. After gong into perimenopause, I got a yeast infection as well. Twice. My doctor said that is a common occurrence of being menopausal because of the hormonal imbalance. She recommended yogurt and the vaginal moisturizers to help.

    I don’t think replens caused the yeast, I think being menopausal did.

    But after using replens, my husband and I noticed this globby stuff coming out of me. I think maybe the product has globby stuff in it. I was going to squirt one out and see what it consisted of prior to insertion, but never did.

    I tried Rephresh, KY Longlasting,and KY liquibeads.

    The liquibeads leaked out all over my underwear all day long at work on the fist day. So much for lasting 4 days.

    The Rephresh and longlasting also claim to last several days. Frankly none do.

    I use this just prior to sex and that’s it, because trying to use them every 3-4 days as suggested is just putting money in the manufactuer’s pockets and really doesn’t last that long.

    Of course, we have sex every 2-3 days so I do use it regularly, but just prior, so that it actually helps some. But even them, seems I am still super dry.

    I’d like a tube of something I could squirt out into an applicator and just squirt up as needed instead of those little amounts in those little packets.

  2. Hi, I had this problem while pregnant and found a great DIY solution.
    Buy a syringe(minus needle obviously), you can get them at any good drug store.. buy a bottle or tube of hypoallergenic lubricant (like ky) and simply suck up some lubricant and insert. Apply as often as needed. This way you can use a lubricant you like the feel of and customise your use.
    It is perfetctly safe to reuse the same syringe, you just need to rinse it under warm water and maybe use a little unscented handsoap to cleanse it. This was a great tip from my OBGYN and far less expensive than replens and similar.

    It is also worth bearing in mind that douching and harsh soaps dry that area, so avoid both like the plague.

    If you do become really dry your doctor can prescribe replense like products which contain small amounts of hormone. My nan (who is a very godly but also very honest!) woman informs me that these prescibed products are nothing short of miraculous and really helped resolve the problem and fix the sex issues related.. and she is 70! She really cheered me up, up until then I thought intimacy died off at a certain age, but obviously not!!!

  3. I use Replens too. I’m only 31 but experience dryness to the point of pain.

    It is very normal for the discharge to occur. It’s not yeast although it does look like it. It is true – the discharge is sluffed (sp?) off vaginal cells. Like if you bite your cheek and look at the sore, it has white around it. The same happens in the vagina, but at a larger scale.

  4. I have been using replens for 3 months and I am not using it anymore!! I rang the helpline and they said it was the vaginal cells and would ease off in time, after 3 months it still happens and quite frankly it looks disgusting after sex enough to put me nevermind my husband off it, god help single women their partner would think they had caught something. Definately NOT thrush. I used it for 1 week to start and then stopped for a week and the ‘mess’ went away. I was determined to give it time so hence the 3 months this time. Personally I think it is the lube coming down similar to a pessary and not dead cells. And to even think of oral sex while on it… bears no thought. Whatever it is I definately will not be using it again. I will try the normal gel as Victoria suggests with a syringe. I got mine on prescrition as in the change but the manufacturer must be making a lot of money because it £9 off the shelf!!!

  5. After our second baby I suffered from dryness and itchiness. I tried the over-the-counter yeast infection stuff but it didn’t help at all. I went to my doctor and tested negative for yeast and bacterial vaginosis. My doctor thought it was just my breastfeeding hormones making me dry and itchy so she put me on an estrogen cream. It didn’t help. I tried the Replens for a couple weeks. Didn’t help at all. Finally one night I just went to the fridge and used plain yogurt (milk ingredients and 4 types of active bacterial cultures). You can use it with a syringe, or just use your fingers and smear it around. Instant relief. It was more soothing and effective than anything else. I don’t know if it was the good bacteria, or that it helped restore proper acidity, or that it was just soothing, but after a couple days of that I felt fine. If you put a lot on there’ll be some discharge, so if it bugs you just use less.

    I would skip the Replens and use the hypoallergenic lube or try the yogurt.

  6. The comments remind me how different our chemistries are. I’m in my 50’s, getting to the end of menopause symptoms, dry as can be, and LOVE love Replens. I’ve tried all kinds of oils and lubricants and this is perfect for me and my husband who had irritation to all the other products. We like once or twice a week. Sometimes there are whitish balls of discharge that I believe is the product. If I use it the night or morning before, gives the product a chance to work, and less residue. As to different chemistries, I also recommend finding the right homeopathy remedies. We love Alpha CF when colds and flus are coming on, kicks them right out, but doesn’t work for everyone.

  7. I have just come home from the chemist with my first box of replens. After reading the above comments I dont think I will be using this product. Glad I came on here first to read up on this.

  8. For me this was god sent, I would say this is not for moisture during intercourse. To me it is for moisture in the tissue. If you r just dry but still have your own lubrication this is the magical stuff .

  9. glad I found this, after reading this I think I will stay far away from replens… white goo doesn’t sound like my cup of tea…

    but I’m wondering if anyone has tried vitamin e, I’ve heard inserting a vitamin e capsule works well….


  10. My GYN recommends Replens Moisturizer for dryness only. Replens LUBRICANT is for sexual activity. Have not tried as yet.

  11. I was recommended to use replens at the advise of my gyn, as I am 54 years old. I tried 2 times, and seemed to pick up an infection. It did not work, still as dry as a moisturer. Haven’t thought of finding lubricants yet, most cuz yeast infections for me.

  12. i have been using replens for 4 months now and as 98%of the above comments state i found it a complete waste of time and more importantly money,that`s all it created for me was a mess in my underwear,i wont be using it again

  13. I have the same problem with the white yeast infection looking goo, and honestly at this point I do NOT think it’s dead skin cells. I think whatever the stuff is in Replens combines with whatever natural lubrication is inside of your vagina and causes some kind of chemical reaction creating this mess. In my totally unprofessional opinion I do not believe in any way that there is THAT much dead skin cells in the vagina to cause this much mess day after day. I think it’s a ploy to keep us buying their shitty product.

  14. I was curious about this as I am slowly moving into the ‘mentalpause’ cycle…so far I am not suffering from any dryness…I am just trying to get prepared for it.
    I do however use wheatgerm oil as a means of giving my private area a nice and natural smell. I started using is after I read an article about it as it will absorb naturally into your tissue without any harm. It tastes sweet and really does keep certain odors at bay. I ordered a case of the stuff a couple of years ago and I am just ow down to my last few bottles. I insert the gel pill after dipping it in my coconut oil to lube up the gel exterior and insert it as far as I can. You should insert it at least 5 hours before sex as the gel coating does take time to dissolve. I recommend both wheatgerm oil and coconut oil as an alternative to any chemical lubricant~

  15. Im with Dorothy! Dont buy the chemical lubricants sold at the stores! I am just starting with the menopause symptoms. A month ago I started using the organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. (you can find it in the health food section of grocery stores) It is so wonderful and my husband just loves it. This type of coconut oil is natural and also deters yeast and bacterial infections from what Ive read. I appears to be in solid form(like butter) but once it goes on your hand it starts to melt and goes on sooooo nice! Ive never recommended anything more highly then this! Really a super pleasure charger for your love life!

  16. Thanks to all of you. No replens for me! It sounds like the discharge is the combination of body secretions with this product… not a good combination no matter what the manufacturer says.

  17. I wonder if you could use the leftover product as a face cream! I read an article by a GYN who said she recommended the product to women experiencing dryness because the product plumps the tissues and balances PH,removing odor associated with chronic dryness…I was thinking hmm…maybe I could use it on my face! LOL

  18. I don’t think I like replens. I have had a constant thin coloured discharge after 2 applications. This is not comfortable and is messy.

  19. I was told by my doctor to use Replens WITH a vitamin E capsule (400mg). I have yet to try either.

  20. FYI…..At 58, soon to be 59, I had early menopause (in my 40’s). After complaining of severe pain and dryness during sex I was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy. Unfortunately using the hormone Vagifem just caused more problems. Sex is like rubbing sand paper on an abrasion, the best way to describe what I feel. So, my point to anyone experiencing this problem is to see your ob/gyn asap on the onset of the symptoms before it gets to the point of atrophy. Lubricants of any kind just don’t work or help. Early on I tried the different moisturizers but still things got worse. My doctor has suggested the Replens WITH a vitamin E capsule with application and a weekly dose of Estres. We will see…..!

  21. I have just been prescribed Replens md a few days ago!Have found it a nightmare! Wet messy underwear from this product and it certainly does not last a day let alone 3 days! I too have experienced the ‘Wet tissue’ looking – yeast infection looking discharge and this horrified me as I thought there was something wrong with me! I have also become sore and itchy too! Back to the docs for me! I would not recommend this to anyone with a ‘dry’ condition as once the product has left your body the’wet tissue looking discharge’ seems to leave you dryer than ever!!!
    Think I shall give MOM3’s advice a shot!

  22. Stopped using this product!!! All symptoms now gone!!! Try Sylk! Its much better and organic! 🙂

  23. Omg…I have just started using this and the EXACT same thing is happening to me. It must be a blessing that I fell upon your post. It is the most disgusting thing…and to be honest, it totally scared me. I don’t know what to do….

  24. Hi Sharon. Sylk has grapefruit seed extract in which has chemicals to make it an anti-microbial. The other ingredients may be OK but GSE is not. There are many references to GSE on the net if you wish to check. Chemicals are added to GSE to make it anti-microbial otherwise by itself, GSE has no anti-microbial (preservative) effect. So, Sylk has chemicals in the product by virtue of hidden chemicals in GSE which you are putting into a vulnerable area.

  25. Thanks for your reply Linda. I realised that after I had posted that it was not organic but did not know how to remove it! Still.. gotta say… I find ‘sylk’ much better and the only product which has caused me no problems and that I can also get on prescription! I shall however still be on the lookout for anything else that helps! Thanks for your info… nice to know people actually read these posts! Have a lovely day! 🙂

  26. I just started using this product and had the same discharge problem. However, I am so desperate for relief from the itching from dryness, I’m willing to put up with any gross effects. I’m breastfeeding, and the lack of moisture is seriously brutal.

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