Weekly poll #17: Do you and your spouse do regular devotions or Bible studies together?


  1. We don’t make it an organized event to sit and study the Bible together, but we discuss the Bible and Kingdom stuff often throughout the week. Same with prayer. We don’t pray at specific times (except before meals), but if something is on our hearts we will just start praying and the other will agree.

  2. We do the same thing, cinnamonsticks.

  3. We are not currently involved in a bible study/devotions together but have been in the past. I wish we would make the time for this, I think it’s important for a relationship. Like the rest of you we share our “bible findings” with each other and discuss it.
    We have also tried to do “family devotions”, but they weren”t very successfull. With children of all different ages it’s hard to relate to all of them at the same time. We all are involved in some sort of daily bible study though, and our family attends mid week prayer/bible study together.

  4. my husband and I read our Bible side by side together in the evening. We will discuss things together. I would like to start reading a devotional together sometime. We pray each night before we go to bed. We each take turns.

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