Weekly Poll #18: How long do you like intercourse to last?

This one is for the ladies only….


  1. we usually try to make it last awhile, but the occasional quickie is fun too. If my DH feels like he is going to climax early he’ll say so, and I try to slow down or stop for a few seconds until it passes. It seems the more frequent we have sex (more than 1 in a 24hr period) the longer he takes.

  2. It totally depends on how I am feeling. Sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and make it last, and sometimes I want to achieve the desired result (orgasms for both!) and be done! I know that sounds bad. I think usually during the day is when I tend to want to make it quick, just because I am usually so distracted by other things. At night after the kids are asleep, it’s quiet, and I’m more relaxed. 🙂

  3. foreplay foreplay foreplay!!!

    a woman can orgasm several times before you ever get inside her

  4. My husband and I tend to just go with the flow and try to make love with whatever time we have available. Sometimes it can be as little as 5 minutes and sometimes we have very fulfilling marathons with multiple events and breaks in between (uncommon but they make all the work worth it)
    However, the one that is always putting the time limit is me. It makes me feel very mean and bossy, but he’s got a lot more energy than I do and I can rarely keep up. Most of the time I orgasm before he does, but to not ice him down I usually continue to play along until he releases. There are also times when intercourse does not make me orgasm at all, but he always makes sure I get my blessings and we move to “foreplay” (although ater sez it shouldn’t really be called that.

  5. Afterwards it is called “afterglow”…

  6. I Would LOVE for it to last longer!! We’ve been married just over 2 months & the longest we’ve had is 15mins (he comes when i’m just starting to enjoy it) we have sex usualluy every other day. I wonder if we did it more often if it would start to last longer?any suggestions? It’s starting to get a little frustrating.

  7. I’ve been married 26 yrs and my dh has made it his personal mission to delay orgasm to have an even more intense orgasm, as well as pleasing me first. He lets me know when it’s getting close, and I pay attention to what his body is telling me, when it’s getting close. He can go a long time (anywhere from a half hour to almost 2 hrs). You haven’t been married very long and that will take time. It takes time, experience and control on his part. It ends up being a win for you both. 🙂

  8. He has to learn about foreplay and taking care of you first: study about it and talk about it to him. This site has plenty of ressources as to find out on how to have a sexual fulfillment.

  9. CountryCutie Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Lehman is the BEST I have read on the subject with special sections for both the husband and wife to speak to their specific needs and issues

    Haha I have been recommending Sheet Music so much that last night I dreamedDr. Lehman was attending a college basketball game with me and my H. It is my new Go-To for newlyweds that I know well

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