Position #90: Peek A Boo

position90peekaboo (Custom) (Custom)

This is an unusual position that lets the husband see everything as it’s happening.  You will need two pieces of furniture that are kind of close together.

The wife will lay flat on her back on the bed or sofa, facing the ceiling, with her rear kind of hanging off the side of the bed a little.  The husband will walk up to her, in between her legs, and then turn around so that his back is facing her.  She will then lift her legs up as he crouches down to enter her.  He can bend over and lean onto a nightstand, chair, or other piece of furniture to help him keep stable, and as he does this he simply looks in between his own legs to see the action.

The wife can keep her legs together to make it tighter, or she can hold her legs apart a little if it’s more comfortable for her.

Pros: The husband gets to see a great show, which is even hotter if the wife rubs her own clitoris.

Cons: Both spouses may tire of this one early, but it’s a unique one to try.

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