Monday’s Mission #75

Your mission this week is to be sure that you have printed off this sex survey. Print two copies. One for you and one for your husband. Fill them out one day this week and then set aside a time to talk together about what you feel regarding the different questions. Remember two things as your discuss this. First, the idea is to let your spouse understand how you feel about the different options for your sexual relationship, not to convince them to think like you. Second, try to accept what they say without feeling defensive if you have a different opinion. Accept where you both are and appreciate the openness that you are able to have with one another.


  1. My husband and I have done this before and it was wonderful! I definitely strongly recommend this to anyone who has not done it before or who hasn’t done it in a long time. Good communication is so key to a great sexual relationship!

  2. I was a little nervous about doing this one but I had told DH about this site and told him this was my homework for the week. I had a hard time checking “would like” in some boxes but was really interested in the part about oral sex and the fact that he sometimes likes giving. I was floored as I thought he hated it and that was why he has only done it a few times. Apparently he just isn’t sure he is good at it. I’m very willing to work with that.;) Thanks for the survey, I am glad I did it now.

  3. Very eye opening and it was a great way to open up some communication about different things : )

  4. I think this survey is a great idea. After over a decade of marriage sex is still a difficult subject for us to talk about. I printed out this survery and gave my husband a copy and we have filled out privately. I even put notes by things that I might like to try or more specific things down. I also listed 6-7 things at the end for example foreplay can certainly start with taking the trash out and putting a fresh bag in without being asked! 🙂
    Since is is such a difficult area for us to talk about I want to make the most of it. We are soon celebrating our anniversary and I thought would be a great time to go over these and then work on what we learned. I have been praying that my husband really put some thought into his answers and was truthful, and it is helpfull. Anyway, want to encourage anyone else who hasn’t done it yet.

  5. After filling out and somewhat discussing with my husband it would be nice to have a ML=might like. I wrote that in mine but my husband going by the key just left them blank. That way you let them know you would like to try then can later see if you really like or not.

  6. we also made up a ML (might like) AND we further used a ‘MNL’ (might not like) for those things that we weren’t against, but that we didn’t expect we’d like.
    That way, if hubby put ‘ML’ and I put ‘MNL’ on something then he wouldn’t feel like I was being a martyr to try it, whereas if I put ‘do not like’ and he put ‘would like’, then he might feel bad for wanting to do something I had said I didn’t want to do… And vice versa. More likely to be vice versa actually 😛

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