Position #91: In The Groove

This position is very much like Position #85:  Shake Your Tail Feathers, except this version has the husband sitting in a chair.  It works best if the chair is next to the bed.

The husband sits in a chair and the wife will sit in his lap facing away from him.  He will enter her and then she will lean forward and lay down across his lap and onto the bed (or sofa).  She will let her legs bend at the knees and curl up along her husband’s sides.  The husband can control the thrusting and will have her hips to hold on to, while she can lie all the way down or keep herself up on her forearms.

Pros: The husband is able to give his wife anal stimulation.

Cons: Clitoral stimulation may be hampered in this position.

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  • October 2009
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