Weekly poll #21: Do you use sex toys together regularly in your bedroom?


  1. Can’t do this one…I would like to but he does not go for that aspect of sex.
    His ego would be hugely threatened so I will not force the issue.
    However I will go there sometime in the future.

    I prefer to still learn what brings me to an orgasm without a vibe. Once I am fully confident in my ability to master my own body, I will branch out and experiment. I am an addictive personality so fear becoming reliant on a vibe and losing the excitement I get from my man’s touch. Numbness seems to be a common report as well so I am concerned.

    I have made a personal commitment to tell him when I pleasure myself so I will also tell him when I use a vibe. I need to stay accountable to my lover to keep our communication channels open and free.

  2. I voted No, we’re just not interested. We’ve never really had a desire to try anything. Maybe that will change down the road, and maybe not. I don’t think they’re wrong to use, just not for us.

  3. I couldn’t find an answer to fit, so didn’t vote! We have tried a few, but were disappointed, and dh didn’t feel right about them. I suspect they remind him of when he used to struggle with pornography. That is not to say that we might never revisit down the road to see if we still feel the same way. We like to keep things fresh. 😉

  4. We are going there soon! Can’t wait to tell you how we go!

  5. I voted before, but I’m voting again because my answer is way different now! I said that we had tried a few and didn’t like them….well now we use them quite frequently. I think they’re a fun change of pace, I’d say we use one probably 3-4 times a month. Shopping for new ones is fun, so we have quite a collection now! Every time I see something new I wanna try it. 🙂

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