Position #92: Standing Proud

This is another standing position that may be a little tighter than previous standing positions.  In this one, the husband and wife stand together facing each other.  The husband then lifts one leg and puts it up on the bed, sofa, chair, etc.  The wife keeps both of her feet planted firmly on the ground.

The husband may need to squat a little in order to enter her.  They can hug and kiss and fondle each other.   Both can use the others derrière to grab onto and help control the thrusting.

Pros: Tighter feeling for the husband.  Kiss and fondle as much as you like!

Cons: May be slightly awkward at first.  You may need to use another position for the wife before or after this one.

Tip: For couples with a large height discrepancy, try having the wife stand on something like an aerobic step or small stool.


  1. See i get excited reading this ideas and seeing pics for examples!! Yet the topic of sex or foreplay mention is something my husband just doesnt embrace well!!! UGGH!!! so frustrating and leads me to masturbation along the way which I think i shouldnt have to do because sex should eliminate this act in my opinion. I read the article on masturbation yet think that if i was satisfied enough i wont desire it.

  2. I absolutely love that these are posted on Fridays.

  3. I guess we need to break out my aerobic step again!

  4. now thats a great reason for hubby to buy me that aerobic step that he never let me get lol =)

  5. Definitely adding this to my list to try with hubby!

    A couple of options come to mind. 1) If there is a big height difference and you have stairs in your house, that could be useful (and a bit daring to do it in the middle of the house). 2) Perhaps let the woman lean back against a wall for stability.

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