Weekly poll #22: What are your thoughts on sex toy parties?


  1. For me this is crossing a line. I feel that sex is for the couple, not to be shared in anyway. To me, having others know what you are buying (most likely friends) is sharing your sex life to a degree. Those people now know what you have purchased and will be using in bed with your husband. Even if you go to another room to actually place the order they know what you were interested in. While I realize that many Christian women are fine with toy parites, its not ok for me. My husband and I only shop for toys online. I feel that its the most private that way. Yes, someone out there knows what someone with our names bought but they don’t know us at all.

  2. I would love to go to a sex toy party if the company had no pornographic images on any of their materials or site and were in Canada. So far I haven’t found one.

  3. I would host one and invite my closest married christian friends! If I could find a christian clean company that was modest and was presented in a Godly way I would book one! Why not encourage each other to love our dh’s without giving TMI! lol! God bless!

  4. The one I have been to was in no way pornographic and very tastefully done. It was really fun! I loved and would love to go again!

  5. Maybe I should clarify. I understand that this is somethign that some women feel is ok for them. For me it is not. Even if it is a clean non-pornographic type party. I know they exist. The reason I feel that this is not ok for me is that there will be some over sharing and there will be people aware of what I have purchased and therefore will be doing with my husband. This is the type of party where friends are invited so the people you see the most will be aware of what you have in your bedroom. For me that makes it not ok.

  6. I tend to agree with you Maureen. My marriage is sacred and the things that my husband and I do in the bedroom are private. Honestly, I don’t think that I would try to visualize my friends using the toys they would buy, but I couldn’t get over the fear that they might giggle or tease me about my purchases…and would I remember those comments when alone with my husband. It might embarrass him to know others knew what we were using in our bedroom…just not worth it.
    I’m sure girlfriends that have known each other since childhood have few secrets…they are like sisters. I don’t judge anyone for going to a party like that. It’s just not for me.

  7. It’s my understanding, (although I have never been to one of these parties, I am just going by what friends have told me), that you do go in another room to order (I know you mentioned this, Maureen), and it seems to me that you could get around anyone knowing what you were interested in this way. If it were me, I would probably not be specific about anything I was interested in in front of anyone, and then ask the salesperson in private if I had any questions. I’m not trying to push sex toy parties on anyone, though. 🙂
    I think I would be a little embarrassed at first, but I would think that any of my friends who would say yes to an invitation to a sex toy party would not be judging me. I have even thought about women from my church that I might invite if I ever hosted one. I think it could be a fun way to help remove the stigmas that surround spicy sex in loving, Christian marriages. 🙂 IMHO

  8. I like the parties. I had never been until about a year ago maybe less. My cousine invited me to one. I wasnt sure what to expect and took a friend with me LOL. I have been to about a dozen or so now. You do order in a diffrent room and noone has to know what you orderd but you. I really don’t like to use the toys but the partys are fun and they have things other than toys. It is funny because just tonight at school we were talking about having a party. I have to get with my lady and set one up.

  9. I would not go. Not because of what others might think of me, but what I might think of them! I have such a vivid imagination that I think I would have uninvited images pop into my head of my friends and their husbands using the toys they bought. Don’t need (or want) to go there!

  10. Hi Maureen. I completely respect your conviction and will not try and convince you otherwise. I just wanted to clarify something for some people who are worried that their friends will see what you are interested in and know what you bought etc. The nicest party I went to was with the company Slumber Parties. The woman who presented the products was very tasteful, did not ever use any language that would make anyone uncomfortable, and the products were passed around the circle of women so that everyone equally got a chance to see what it was. After that if you wanted to purchase anything, yes, you went to a separate room. The products you purchased were put in a completely black, unmarked bag so that absolutely NO ONE could see what you purchased. After the party I spoke to the sales woman about how the party was presented, and she told me that if you host the party at your home, you may discuss with her before hand what you would and would not like her to do, say, etc, and what products you would not want her to show, etc.
    I just thought that was interesting to know.

  11. I love this poll!
    I do find that a lot of people say they are interested but are worried about the issues of privacy. I’m sure each company is different, but with my experience as a Consultant, I NEVER can tell what people are going to order until they get in the private ordering room so I would be surprised if others could tell. The women may ask a lot of questions about some products and order completely different ones. And personally, when it comes to the toys, I only show those products in the ordering room unless requested other wise by the hostess. I find this really puts a lot of women at ease. I am pretty familiar with a variety of intimate companies-Christian and not. And just about all of them teach their consultants to show what the hostess wants. So if you don’t want to view the toys outside of the ordering room, tell your consultant. If she is not willing to do that for you, find someone else. There are plenty of us out there who want to make sex a comfortable topic for those who tend to shy away from it!

    Great topic!

    Great site!

  12. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to invite your church friends to one of these parties.

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