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Oh man have I had a rough week! I thought I had a yeast infection. I get maybe one every two years. The first day of discomfort was kind of strange. I kept wondering if I was getting an infection. The second day the itching was worse, but everything looked normal (no weird discharge or anything). After the third day of really bad itching, I broke down and took my oral RX that I had left over from last year. I remembered that it could take a couple of days to work, but after a couple of days I was no better. So I took another one and waited. Then when I got into the shower one night I had a startling realization…

Let me start by saying that I have extremely sensitive skin. I have eczema and have to use special soap that costs nearly $6 per bar. I also cannot use any type of bath oils, bath beads, bubble bath, etc., because if I do I will get a UTI, guaranteed. I’ve learned over the years what I can and can’t use, and I usually stick with the things that I know are okay for me.

Well, the grocery store was out of my regular Skintimates shave gel last weekend, so I picked up some Gillette Satin Care. I didn’t really think anything about it. It was a vanilla scented kind and I love vanilla. I used it twice to shave down there. It wasn’t until I was about to use it a third time, that my eyes were suddenly opened…I WAS ALLERGIC TO THE NEW SHAVE GEL! Why did I not realize that before? So I just washed myself with my nice expensive soap, and I rinsed off real good with hot water. I did this again a few times over the next two days, and then my symptoms went away.

So I wasted a perfectly good prescription all because I was allergic to the shave gel. 😡 I really should have known better. It’s very frustrating to be so ultra sensitive to so many different things. I even have to use special laundry detergent (dye free, fragrance free, etc.). My mother is the same way, and I’m already seeing the same issues in my children.

I guess this was mainly written as a vent. I assume there are other women out there who have skin issues like I do, but my girlfriends don’t seem to battle with these issues. I thought that maybe some of you out there may be able to relate to this though…


  1. Cumingirl I can totally relate to you! I have to wash all of my panties in fragrance free soap. It is a pain to have to do this with four children. I started washing most of my whites with my panties and that helps. I miss using dryer sheets on those clothes but it is worth it. I have ended up getting other infections down there because of itching. My Dr. told me to just use warm water when I wash down there. She said I did not need to use soap. I shave down there now. I was scared to do it because all I could imagine was the burning itchy feeling I always seem to get. I was so thankful that I have not had any problems with a rash, and I also can use conditioner when I shave! Amazing!!! I use suave coconut! It is cheap and smells good! I also can not use anything in my bath water. I feel for you. That’s funny my mother is the same way too. I am glad that I am not alone! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Here is my sensitive skin question…I get the worse reaction to my dear man’s slightly stubbly face on my face from kissing. I have only begun having this issue in the last year. What can I do to prevent that reaction or to fix it? It can end up leaving very small blisters just about my lips. It is sore and not too pretty. Please help! We leave for our honeymoon shortly and I certainly don’t want to keep him a safe distance away or feel unattractive because of the results.

  3. I learned very early on in my life to not use bubble bath…all it got me was a UTI. My daughter is extremely sensitive to laundry detergents as well. I have used bath salts on occasion and had no trouble with that. My nose starts to run when smelling perfume on anyone let alone on myself. Just think how much money we are saving on all that stuff…we get to spend it on lingerie! Hee, Hee!

  4. i’m not that sensitive, but I’ve got more ‘issues’ than most ppl I know…

    I am sensitive to scents though – I have to check any aftershave, soap, or deodorant that my husband is considering before he buys it, otherwise I’ll end up allergic to him, lol! it’s funny and annoying.

    Once I thought I was allergic to the carpet at church, then we started sitting in another spot and I realized that I was really allergic to some scent that someone in the family that always sat in front of us used to wear. Weird, huh?

    BTW, I shave with conditioner (any cheap stuff is fine for me) to shave and it works better for me than any gel I have tried. Plus, it’s cheaper 🙂
    But I do have to use the real good (read: expensive) disposable razors b/c otherwise I will get razor burn like crazy!

  5. I can’t use any kind of bath beads or bubble bath either. Just plain old hot water for me or I will also get a UTI. I also don’t do well around people who wear strong smelling perfumes either.

  6. I have that issue sometimes with my husband, although my problem is that I get a chafing rash, not the blisters that you speak of. Do you have a dermatologist? If not it would be a good thing to get hooked up with one and ask him/her about this. The obvious thing would be to ask him to shave just before you two are going to be kissing or getting intimate so that his face is smoother, but I realize that many times you can’t plan for that.

  7. My mother has the same issues as me too, and I’m seeing it in my children as well, so I guess this runs in families. I have started using those blue dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. They work okay (better than nothing).

  8. Could this have something to do with the shave gel, aftershave, or any other facial products he uses? While the stubble it self could be to blame it might just be that whatever products he uses irritate you and when he has stubble it scratches your skin to let some penetrate and irritate.

  9. Thanks I will try that!

  10. If I may jump in with an endorsement…we found wifey is allergic to detergents after many years of using different types and brands. Finally, she tried “All, Free and Clear.” No fragrances and no dyes. It also comes in “HE.” High efficiency for the front loading machines. A bit of a pain to find the HE kind at first, but well worth it. We had already used the regular Free and Clear for many years and she was itch-free. She could sleep uninterrupted. No, I don’t own any stock in the stuff, but whenever I find a product that is helpful…free software, detergent, electronics, whatever…I like to pass the info on.


  11. All Free & Clear is the only laundry detergent that I can use 🙂 I use it for my whole family as well!

  12. I am the same way and had the same reaction to Satin Care. I even became allergic to feminine products. I could not figure out what was wrong with me. Thought I had a yeast infection didn’t clear up with pills. Thought it was a bacteria problem, nope that wasn’t it either. Went to a specialist, she said to wash my panties elsewhere, not to shave my bikini line and not to use soap. Went to another doctor, by now I had a sore, well she told me it was herpes! Thank God I have a husband that I trust and he trusts me. BTW the test came back negative – what a surprise. This went on for about a year. Finally I ran into an article on the internet about women who can become sensitive to feminine hygiene products. So I switched from Always and Tampax to a far more expensive all cotton pads and tampons and guess what – no problems at all. I should have guessed it as I was allergic to Pampers as a baby, am allergic to perfumes, dryer sheets, most laundry detergents etc. BUT I had used these products for nearly 20 years with no problems. Strange…

  13. Where do you buy cotton products? I am sensitive to pads. I would love to try them. I know the feeling of a Dr thinking that a rash might be an STD. It is annoying knowing that they are wasting a test. I am thankful for a faithful dh!

  14. I am in Canada, I buy them at London Drugs. The product is called natracare.

  15. You ladies might also like trying the diva cup. If you have a heavy flow you may still need a liner to (as I do), but it would allow you to get away from tampons all together. It can also be purchased at London Drugs. Plus, of course, the internet. 🙂

    This has been a helpful discussion, Cumingirl. Thanks for bringing it up.

  16. i’m slightly allergic to my male soaps and it makes sex smell AWFUL. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different soap my hubby could use? We’ve only been married a little over a year but it has totally ruined our sex life.

  17. I used the brand like the Diva Cup – the disposable ones, can’t remember the name (???). Anyhow, I didn’t like the whole messiness factor. So, the Diva cup probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea either. I have heard it works well though.

  18. Tara – I had that issue, I went to see my obgyn and found I had a non-sexually transmitted bacteria infection. it smelt kinda awful and worse after sex, a three day course of antibiotics fixed it, after MONTHS of embarassment!!!

  19. Disposable menstrual cup=Instead SoftCup. You can find it for about $6.50 at Wal-Mart.

  20. There is a whole review in the Women’s Issues section of this blog on Instead Softcups.

  21. Thank you that is what it is called – Instead.:)

  22. thank you. that is a good point. i wonder if that is it.

  23. i am extremely allergic and my daughter inherited it so we are an all natural family, right down to our cleaners. for laundry we recommend Earth Friendly Products Free & Clear liquid laundry detergent, works for everything! some Costcos carry it, we just order it from the factory in 5gal sizes. we use plain cheapo white vinegar as a fabric softener. for everyday bar soap: Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil bar there are several different ones, we use the plainest. note: make sure you use a well-draining soap dish, the bars are 50-87% olive oil so if they sit in water they turn to mush! for fancy bar soap: Austin Natural Soap, none have ever bothered me. DH shaves with an electric shaver and so do I. I second the Natracare recommendation, you can also get them on and amazon. Haircare & deodorant: Aubreys Organics. expensive but worth every penny if you aren’t broken out all the time!

  24. I started using Jade and Pearl sea sponge tampons and I LOVE them. They are really, really soft and comfortable. You just rinse it out and put it back in, then clean with peroxide between cycles to sterilize. They last a long time, so over the course of a year it’s cheaper than regular tampons.

    Also, like the Instead softcup you can wear them during sex… gotta love having an extra 5 days of fun every month 🙂

  25. Had an allergic reaction to Monistat a few years back (as if I wasn’t itchy enough down there to begin with!). I learned a great alternative from a midwife friend: you can freeze plain yogurt in the fingers of a latex glove, then peel the glove off and use the “fingers” as a cooling insert- the yogurt cultures help knock out the yeast infection. Instant relief, no allergic reaction- yay!

  26. I use bounce free dryer sheets and all free since I have sensitive skin.

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