Position #93: Mount Up

This position is very similar to Position #43:  The Tie-Me-Up Tango, except the roles are reversed!

The husband will need to lie down and get into position, just like the picture above, except he can relax his hands/arms.  This will elevate him for his wife to ride!  She can then mount up and go to town as she wishes!  She can face forward, backwards, be on her knees or on her flat feet.  The husband can either lay flat or he can raise himself up on his elbows and watch his beautiful wife bumping and grinding!

Pros: Ladies, you are in control for this one!  And with your husband elevated just a little, it’s sure to be an interesting ride!

Cons: The husband will need to be limber for this one!


  1. He just doesn’t bend that way.;)

  2. Looks like fun! I do not believe dh could do that. Oh well!

  3. Will definitely try this. We almost always end up with WOT so this will change this up a wee bit. Thanks cumingirl.

  4. Here’s an easier way to get the same effect. Husband put his head and shoulders on the bed and feet on the floor with knees at a right angle. Wife rides him. Husband doesn’t have to be an acrobat to do it and when we tried it a good time was had by all!

  5. With our bed risers this isn’t possible. But it does sound like a nice alternative for a couple who has a bed low enough to work!

  6. DH and I stumbled across the site a short while ago, seeking a Godly site that
    shares openly while keeping purity as number 1, purity in this area is very important to him!

    I do have a question it is kind of relevant.
    I find it difficult to be on top and facing away.
    i.e. Reverse Cowgirl and such.

    I enjoy being on top as does my DH, and would like a different “spin” on WOT.
    A little history as to why.
    A few years back, I had to have surgery on her left femoral nerve which was damaged in a car accident while on holiday in New Zealand which almost took my life.
    This was an issue that hung around for almost 4 years maxed out on strong pain meds and an inabilty to walk much until it was fixed. Our marriage bed was kind of dormant as sex in anyway caused me more pain, DH would do what he could to keep it alive while trying to keep minimal added pain to me but max pleasure.
    OS him giving was a main thing he could do to keep my drive alive.

    I now find it uncomfortable but not actually painful, to have much strain/pressure/weight on my hip during sex. And we are limited to at best a handful of positions, a lot of them MOT and it gets difficult with MOT almost everytime and DH being in a labour intensive job which sometimes causes back pain. We are both starting to feel a little repetitive and familiar with what we are able to maneuver.
    Even performing OS on DH is becoming difficult.

    So the question is, Are there any positions that have WOT facing away that we could try? Or any positions or alterations?

    We would love some help/suggestions.
    Any ideas or tips?

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. My husband’s penis doesn’t seem to bend like that. We find it hard for me to sit on him facing either way. Anyone else have issues like that?

    I’d love to try the riding position if I can figure out a way to make it work.

  8. Just recently, my husband and I finally figured out how to make it work with me sitting on his lap facing him (like on the couch). We are both overweight, but because my knees are supporting most of my weight on the couch, it doesn’t hurt him at all. We have found that the more lube (coconut oil) that we use the easier for penetration in that position. We love it because it gives us a totally different ‘feeling.’ He can’t guide it in though, I have to be the one to do that or it won’t go in.

    I hope this helped!

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