Monday’s Mission #77

Your mission this week is to think about a way to bring some sexy into the upcoming holidays. Feel free to use the comment section for discussion and inspiration. You could use “The 12 Days of Christmas” as a theme. You could think about a sexy gift idea such as a sex toy or new lingerie. You could plan a romantic getaway. The ideas are endless. Have fun thinking of ways to show your husband how much you desire him and think of some ways to be intentional about romance and intimacy, especially given how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the busyness of the season.


  1. I have been planning on doing a lap dance for my husband to the song “Santa Baby”. All you need is a Santa hat and some moves and your set!

  2. My husband and his sibs always used to sleep in the living room by the tree at some point during the holidays. My goal is to have some sexy fun this year by tree-light. I can hardly wait to put up the tree!

  3. Lovemaking by christmas tree-light! Fun! Never thought of that one, thanks Tiger Girl. 🙂

  4. This may sound rather dumb/naive, but what, exactly, is a lap dance?

  5. Not dumb at all. It’s a sexy dance where you use your body to rub up against your husband. He is sitting in a chair or on the bed and since you can spend at least some of the time sitting on his lap (facing him or with your back to him) it has become known as a lap dance.

  6. Both of those ideas are super! Thanks, girls!! 😀

  7. Just don’t knock over the tree! LOL Been there done that and what a mess!

  8. One thing we have done over the years is every Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed is I give my husband a present ie, garter belt, etc….just anything he would think would look sexy on me, and then we…………. He always says its the best part of Christmas!!

  9. D KUHLOS, we kinda do that too…I’ve kinda made it tradition (not every year, but most) to buy some Christmasy-looking lingerie (who can resist the red velvet and white feathers?) and seduce “Santa” after the kids are asleep and the presents are under the tree. 🙂

  10. I gave my husband two wrapped presents on Christmas Eve. One was marked Naughty, the other Nice. I told him to choose how he wanted it. He said both of course!lol I made him choose just one. Being the man he is he went with naughty. I told him to open the box and in it was a Santa hat, red bustier, panties, heels and stockings. Positions and other activities were on the naughty side done in front of the tree. He did get the nice box on Boxing Day – a white teddy with soft feathers and relaxed lovemaking. It was my husbands favourite gift ever. It’s a fun thing to try if you haven’t before. You can even add some oils or toys in each box.

    One year when we were newly married I didn’t have money for new lingerie so I took ribbon and put it around my waist and tied it in a way that it resembled crotchless panties and put little stick on bows on my breasts. Cheap but effective.

    This year his gifts are in the mail – lingerie from Passions Lingerie He said that is all he wants for Christmas. I feel so blessed that rather than things what my husband wants most is a passionate night with his wife. Now I just have to think of a creative way to give it to him…

    Of course he is also going to get the new tools he has been looking at.;)

  11. Great idea Wynterr! My DH will love this! I may even try try the ribbon and bows!!LOL Thanks!

  12. Thanks for all the great ideas! I can’t wait to try them out…. and now I really can’t wait to set up the Christmas tree!

  13. A Pocket Rocket is the perfect size and price for a stocking stuffer. Now the trick is to get get her to open it on Christmas Eve. 🙂

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