Q&A: Sex Toys Cause Yeast Infections?

“Hi, is it possible for a toy to cause a yeast infection?”

If you are a woman and have never had a yeast infection, consider yourself lucky.  Most women will experience a yeast infection at least once in her life, and some unfortunate women are prone to them. 😦

The vagina is generally acidic enough to prevent the overgrowth of Candida or yeast.  Once that yeast starts overproducing, the itching, burning, and discharge begin.  There are several things that can interrupt the normal PH in the vagina, causing yeast infections, including antibiotics, alcohol, sugary foods, douches, feminine deodorant spray, frequent sex, perfumed tampons, wiping improperly after a bowel movement, and wearing tight, damp clothing.  Oh, and yes, your sex toys can cause yeast infections as well.

Porous toys that are made out of plastic, jelly, or latex, are very hard to keep clean.  Always read the packaging materials that come with your toys.  They should explain how to sanitize them properly.  It is extremely important that you not only clean your toys after each use, but that you also completely dry them before putting them up.  This will prevent bacteria from growing on them.  As an added precaution, it helps to put a condom over toys used for insertion (especially porous ones).  Then throw the condom away after each use and wash and dry the toy afterward.

Take a few minutes to read this article on the causes of yeast infections.  It’s very informative and seems to cover a lot of ground.  Also know that although you don’t hear about it very often, men do get yeast infections too. It is very possible for a wife to give her yeast infection to her husband and not know it because most of the time the man has no visible symptoms.  Then after the wife gets treated and cured… they have sex again and guess what?  Yes, the wife can become reinfected from her husband.

Make it a point to keep your toys properly sanitized after each and every use, and hopefully you won’t have to deal with recurring yeast infections caused by tainted toys.

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