Position #94: Rear View Mirror

This one goes out to all of you wild couples out there!  This is an unusual oral position that is sure to BLOW THE SOCKS off of your husbands.  If your husband has any kind of back issues, then you will need to SKIP over this one (seriously).

The husband stands beside the bed (or sofa) a couple of feet away with his legs spread apart.  He then bends over and braces himself on his arms/elbows.  The wife is already on the bed facing him.  She walks across the bed (yes, you read that right) and then lies down on top of him.  She needs to scoot all the way to where her head is hanging down his rear and her labia is mid way down his back.  Her feet can still be at the edge of the bed if she has long legs.

I know this position sounds kind of … quirky… but sometimes it’s the unusual ones that are the most fun!  Once in position, the wife is able to give oral attention to her husband’s anus, perineum, and testicles.  She is also able to reach around and give him a hand job at the same time!  If she isn’t coordinated enough to do all of it, then the husband can masturbate himself while she is busy in back!

Pros: This is great for men who like to be rimmed and for men who like to orgasm standing up.

Cons: The blood may rush to the wife’s head after a little while.  **Make sure that you do not attempt this if the husband has back problems.

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