Pjur light

My husband and I have been trying to find a lube that isn’t sticky during lovemaking, and that would also help out my dryness issues at the same time.   While searching on Amazon.com, he came up with an idea…an expensive idea, but it was worth a try.  He ordered us a 8.5oz bottle of pjur light.

When it arrived, we put it to the test right away.   I have to admit that it was really nice feeling lube.  It is a silicone based lube and for us, it didn’t get sticky like KY and Astroglide do.  (Yes, I know they are not silicone lubes!)  We’ve tried other silicone lubes, and really liked this one much better!  It was thin and very soft and silky to the touch.   The label says that you only need a few drops, but we ended up using more than a “few” drops.    The product claims to be usable for massage and as a bodyglide as well.   We haven’t used it for those purposes, saving each and every precious drop for intercourse!   I like that it is fragrance free, so if you have sensitive skin, it shouldn’t irritate your genital areas (it doesn’t irritate mine)  It is safe for latex condoms.  The directions say to apply to any part of the body that needs moisture and it is safe for daily use.

The pluses?  It did a nice job of keeping me moisturized.   This is very important to me, since I am in the pre-menopausal years and I can get very dry.   While we haven’t tried it in water yet, I am sure that it would do great.    I am hoping in the future that we will have opportunities to use it in a hot tub!  We usually use coconut oil as our lube, and it doesn’t last very long for me, but the pjur light lasts much longer.   On occasion, we have to apply the product a second time depending on my dryness.   I was very impressed by the website (http://www.pjur.com/) and while searching through the site, I found out that a lot of testing goes into this product to assure that the best quality product is delivered to its consumers.

The minuses?  The container that it is in is not user friendly.   You have to unscrew the cap to get to the product.   It takes away from the moment when you have to fumble around to get the lid off.   If you happen to get lube on the container?   It makes the whole container slick.  Right now, as I am holding it in my hand, it is slippery.    Research on the website says that it should be cleanable with soap and water…. I tried it and they were right!   I learned something new tonight!

The 8.5 oz. bottle we bought cost $39.95 through Amazon.com   The 1 liter container is $92.95 also at Amazon.com.  It is produced in Germany.  Is it well worth the money?  I would say yes, most definitely.   It is now my lube of choice.

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