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My husband and I have been trying to find a lube that isn’t sticky during lovemaking, and that would also help out my dryness issues at the same time.   While searching on Amazon.com, he came up with an idea…an expensive idea, but it was worth a try.  He ordered us a 8.5oz bottle of pjur light.

When it arrived, we put it to the test right away.   I have to admit that it was really nice feeling lube.  It is a silicone based lube and for us, it didn’t get sticky like KY and Astroglide do.  (Yes, I know they are not silicone lubes!)  We’ve tried other silicone lubes, and really liked this one much better!  It was thin and very soft and silky to the touch.   The label says that you only need a few drops, but we ended up using more than a “few” drops.    The product claims to be usable for massage and as a bodyglide as well.   We haven’t used it for those purposes, saving each and every precious drop for intercourse!   I like that it is fragrance free, so if you have sensitive skin, it shouldn’t irritate your genital areas (it doesn’t irritate mine)  It is safe for latex condoms.  The directions say to apply to any part of the body that needs moisture and it is safe for daily use.

The pluses?  It did a nice job of keeping me moisturized.   This is very important to me, since I am in the pre-menopausal years and I can get very dry.   While we haven’t tried it in water yet, I am sure that it would do great.    I am hoping in the future that we will have opportunities to use it in a hot tub!  We usually use coconut oil as our lube, and it doesn’t last very long for me, but the pjur light lasts much longer.   On occasion, we have to apply the product a second time depending on my dryness.   I was very impressed by the website (http://www.pjur.com/) and while searching through the site, I found out that a lot of testing goes into this product to assure that the best quality product is delivered to its consumers.

The minuses?  The container that it is in is not user friendly.   You have to unscrew the cap to get to the product.   It takes away from the moment when you have to fumble around to get the lid off.   If you happen to get lube on the container?   It makes the whole container slick.  Right now, as I am holding it in my hand, it is slippery.    Research on the website says that it should be cleanable with soap and water…. I tried it and they were right!   I learned something new tonight!

The 8.5 oz. bottle we bought cost $39.95 through Amazon.com   The 1 liter container is $92.95 also at Amazon.com.  It is produced in Germany.  Is it well worth the money?  I would say yes, most definitely.   It is now my lube of choice.


  1. I can’t afford to spend that much on lube so for those of you who are in the same boat, I recommend Slippery Stuff. It doesn’t have glycerin in it like KY (that’s what causes the sticky feeling) so it feels like your own natural lubricant. And it’s only $13.99 at amazon. LOVE it!

  2. My husband and I have tried all kinds of lubricants, and I agree that silicone-based lubricants are the best thing you can buy as far as manufactured lubes go. There’s only one thing we’ve used that works better (and DON’T use this if you use condoms!!): coconut oil! The 100% pure, preferably organic, kind that you get at the grocery store that’s solid at room temperature and melts in your fingers. It works like a dream. We stopped using silicone lubes in favor of it for two reasons: It actually works a little better than silicone as a lubricant AND it cleans up 100% more easily than silicone. (It kind of soaks in and leaves your skin really soft and it’s surprisingly not at all oily. It’s the weirdest thing ever, but it’s awesome.) It’s also super cheap, especially compared to sex lubes marketed as such. Google coconut oil as a lubricant. It’s actually made us able to have sex more often. If condoms aren’t what you use for contraception, I highly recommend giving it a try!

  3. We have tried Pjur lubes, and while they work well, they seem to stain when they get on the sheets. Anyone else have this problem? Water-based lubes have never done this in our experience which is why we stick with them.

  4. Catnip, We tried this because basically, we have tried everything. Even coconut oil doesn’t seem to work as well on me anymore…I don’t know if it is because I am premenopausal or what, but for some reason, it stays more wet with this Pjur light. We do use coconut oil still on occasion, too. Old habits die hard!

    Foodle, we have black silk sheets, so we wouldn’t even notice if they stain the sheets or not.

    Annie, we may need to give Slippery stuff a try sometime. I had never heard of it before.

  5. Does anybody know of a ’safe place’ to buy sex toys on the internet that will deliver to Australia? Both Amazon and Book22 won’t deliver to Australia 😦

  6. Try My Beloved’s Garden. I was just at their site and their shipping faq page indicates that they ship internationally.

  7. Husband just ordered us a product: Carrageenan Warming natural personal lubricant. So we’re giving it a try. About 10.00 is all the cost. has anyone used this before?

  8. I realize this is more than a year past the last post. But I have to spread the news about YES lubricant. It’s completely organic oil and water based for those of you that believe your body is worth taking good care of. (I mean, who doesn’t). It’s a European company, so the shipping might get ya, but they have some seriously reasonably sized bottles (buying in bulk? or maybe need travel sized?) for whatever you need. I found it before trying anything else, but I have NO need to test around. I’m completely satisfied with this stuff. The water based feels natural, and the oil based feels amazing- both are hydrating; and both can be used to treat dryness.

  9. My dh and i used Sliquid. Its organic, and glycerine and paraben free. Its non-sticky and has never stained our clothes or sheets. It rubs into skin if we have excess, and you dont notice its been rubbed in. But using it on the intended areas, it doesnt dry up, and its water-based; also it does not taste bad, and scent-free. I am very sensitive to lubes but this one is my complete favorite. A little pricy but not too bad.

  10. I’ve tried all kinds of lubes. The BEST one I’ve ever found was Pink. It is a silicone one. I just prefer them – they don’t dry out. But Pink is so much better than any other we have used. It’s silky and smooth and a small amount goes a long way. Also, it comes in a convenient pump. Silicones are more expensive in general, but I thought it was very reasonably priced. I found it on Amazon last time.

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