Position #95: The Flying Trapeze

This is the perfect position for any of you out there who have a swing set in your back yard!  You’ll also need a private yard.  Wait until your kids are gone to bed, or better yet send them to grandma’s house for the night.  This is also another standing position.

The wife jumps up and hangs from the top of the swing set.  She wraps her legs around her husband’s waist.  He is able to enter her and hold on to her rear as he thrusts.  She is able to just hold on to the top of the swing set and hang her head back.  She may be too high up to kiss, but he may be able to suck on her nipples.   You can also use the trapeze bar that comes with some swing sets.

Pros: The wife is able to help hold her own weight up.

Cons: Her arms/hands may grow tired after a few minutes.

Tip: You may be able to find another place in your home to do this position, such as a doorway or sturdy overhang.

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  • November 2009
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