Weekly Poll #25: Sharing our site with others

After taking the poll, if you have any unique or creative ways that you have shared our site with your friends, please feel free to tell us about it in the comment section!


  1. I sent it to every married friend/relative I have within weeks of discovering it.

    I also give it to the bride at every bridal shower I attend. A good thing is definitely worth sharing.

  2. I have not only shared your site with friends but also with toy stores my DH and I go to. You get some funny looks like they don’t expect Christians to have FUN sex. I wish I had business type cards to hand out! Love to look and learn. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Oooh, the business cards are a cool idea, lol! 🙂 I shared this site with my married friends and family not long after discovering it. Also, my husband and I have a 4 page document that we give to our friends/family members a couple of months before they get married. It’s a summary of the things “we wish we’d known” about sex when we got married. We have this blog listed as a resource!

  4. What a great idea!! A “Things We Wish We’d Known” list. That would be a great post! Can you share your summary?

  5. Our life group (close friends) has been watching the Peasant Princess sermon series from Mars Hill Church and will be concluding just before Christmas. I plan on giving each one of the ladies (all married) a jar of coconut oil with a pretty Christmas ribbon and tag attached with your website listed on the back. As previously mentioned, a good thing is definitely worth sharing. Your site has been so helpful to me and I long to share that with my close friends.

  6. I would be glad to share a summary. First we listed our favorite resources, including this site. Then we talked about topics like: arousal, communication, foreplay, PC muscle, intimacy, “limits”, lubrication, romance and stretching. We listed common misconceptions that we’ve run across and gave a little advice specifically for difficulties. Then we finished up with tips on helpful things to pack for the honeymoon! We’ll probably be expanding it in days to come, but that’s all we have so far. I’d be glad to supply a copy of it to the Nymphos if they would like to peruse it and consider supplying it to anyone who’s interested.

  7. That’s such a cool Christmas idea!!! Thanks for the tip!

  8. I joined the facebook group, and didn’t realize that all my friend would see on their page “_____ ____ became a fan of ‘christian nymphos'” LOL I got two comments on my page from women who were like “Of course I had to check it out!” They both said that they came to the web site, one said she thinks she read the whole thing! 🙂 I have told a few friends about it, and plan to tell more as opportunities arise!

  9. Mdccc,
    That is very funny! Oops 🙂

  10. Mdccc,

    I have read the FB page but did not become a fan for that very reason…sorry CN ladies! I draw the line at publiciizing my fan status for the site to my mom, friends and colleagues all at once! lol indeed! But I think it’s great that you’re on there.=)

  11. I have shared with a few friends, but I too draw the line at publicizing my fan status on Facebook… there is such a thing as TOO MUCH INFORMATION! 🙂 Very funny Mdccc.. that made me LOL!

  12. Don’t worry everyone, *I* am not even a fan of CN on Facebook. I do wonder though how many of my friends would discover it if I did and follow me over here and then never know they were reading sex information from me 😀

  13. I’m not a fan either! I’m afraid that some of my closest friends would be able to spot me a mile away! 😆

  14. My toes curled when I thought of the reactions of some of my friends if I added your site to my facebook.

    Most are from my high school days so knew me as wild and crazy then.

    Some are from when I was an anal, totally blocked up, strict homeschool mom of many kids who literally caused people to quiver in their boots if they knew I was disapproving of some aspect of their lives before the Lord….how terrible.

    I have repented many times of my insufferable pride but this does not mean my church acquaintances/friends will necessarily accept my newfound sexual self….

    I’m seriously still running with my ‘sexualfreedomwithmyman’ tail tightly tucked between my cute little legs!

    Soooo, how to get the courage to tastefully and properly reveal myself other than on the web…hhhhmmm. Nope, still not gonna. Maybe when I am greyer 😉

  15. I wouldn’t have purposely advertised it to all my friends, I think, but since it was an accident, and there was nothing I could do about it anyway, I was actually kinda glad it happened!! Because some people that I probably would have never told about the site now know about it, and loved it, and it can be a blessing to them! And who knows who else might have seen it and checked it out but didn’t say anything? My husband even told my pastor one day about this site, because he was doing “sparkpeople” (thanks by the way, to whoever talked about that on here, it’s helping my hubby!), and he was trying to remember where he heard about it, and then he was like “Oh yeah, this site my wife goes to called….uh…Christian Nymphos.” LOL When he told me he said that I was like “Thanks a lot!” But then I figured what the heck! Maybe he and his wife will check it out and be blessed. 😉 😉 😉

  16. p.s. Cinnasticks and Cumingirl, I always wondered if any of your friends, besides eachother, knew you did this site! I guess not, then?

  17. I just discovered your site today and I’m already planning on figuring out a time when I can mention it to a girlfriend of mine who desperately needs to read it!

    It saddens me to hear her complain about sex with her husband, especially when her husband’s love language is physical touch.

    Thanks for your work on this site. I’m already looking forward to trying some of these things out with my husband!

  18. I was brought to your site by a girlfriend who linked to it from Joe Beam’s website/blog (she emailed me the link as she knows some of my “issues”). I have since shared it with several other friends! When I first starting reading the site, I was saying to myself “Where was THIS when I 1st got married!” but it wasn’t up yet. I am encouraged by this site and am grateful both to the ladies that run it and those that leave helpful comments!

  19. I won’t friend you guys on facebook either. I really don’t want my aunts, cousins and mom to know I’m on this site. I told my 3 closest friends though. This site is amazing! I wish I would have found it years ago.

  20. At first I was worried about what other ppl would think…then things changed. My mom was one of the first ppl I told about this site! I tell every married woman I can! 🙂 I believe that there are so many more women struggling in pain in their marriages than I really think there are. 95% of women probably never reach out to anybody for help or advice and therefore stay trapped in their sadness. I was one of them! I was so afraid that I was unusual for having issues or questions, or a high drive, etc, that I never said anything…. Then I found this blessing-of-a-site! I want to tell everyone, because everyone should get the chance to experience the joy and pleasure in their marriages that I have now in mine!!

  21. I recently gave the website to a relative that got married…would give it to others as I feel led … as there are some super spiritual christian people that I know that believe everything is a sin n I want my recent resurrected sexual life to remain discreet to people such as these…

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