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“You talk a lot about taking sex out of the house, whether it be in the backyard, the pool, at the beach, etc.  Do you have any advice on how to do that without being an exhibitionist?  We don’t have a pool, but if we did, we’d love to try #79.  Unfortunately, I can’t imagine how that would work out without all of our neighbors getting a front row seat.  Even an out-of-the-pool backyard adventure seems to me like it would be hard to do discreetly.  One day, we plan to have lots of trees lining our 1/3-acre lot, but for now, it’s pretty easy to see in our yard from all sides.  And then there’s the beach.  This is our lifelong dream (from a lot earlier than we should have been thinking about it), but how do you do that without owning a piece of private beach?”


Unfortunately, some people’s homes are just not good for outdoor sex.  We live in the country and have woods on all sides of our house that make our backyard more private.  We can also go into our woods to have some fun if we want.  Your backyard sounds pretty open, but if you put up a wooden privacy fence or line it with trees, that would help.  You could also put up a tent in your backyard and just go out there really late after your neighbors are all in bed.  I also know a couple who built their son a very large tree house in their backyard…and then used to sneak out in the middle of the night to have secret “romps” out in it!  If you have a patio or back deck, you may be able to utilize it if you put your mind to it.   If none of these ideas are right for you, backyard adventures may not be in your best interest at the moment.


We have made love on the beach twice now, and I’m talking about busy tourist attracting beaches in two different states.  Both times we waited until around midnight and went walking on the beach, then we found a secluded spot and went way up into the sand dunes where people don’t normally walk at night (they usually walk down towards the water). Once we took a blanket to lie on and the other time we just took an extra large beach towel to use.  There aren’t many people out walking after midnight, so the beaches are nice and quiet except for the waves!


Sometimes circumstances prevent us from doing things outside, and so it may be better to get creative about indoor spots.  If there is just no way you can think to do anything outside where you live, then focus your attentions on inventive and creative things inside.  I happen to know firsthand how exciting it is to make love in a walk in closet! 🙂  Stairs can make for interesting sexual encounters too.  Oh, and don’t count out your garage!  Many times expanding your thinking beyond your bedroom can open up a whole new list of ideas for you both!  But don’t give up on outdoor adventures; cause you never know when circumstances may change and you may be able to work something out yet!


  1. My dh and I have set up the tent!!! We went out late so no one would notice. We have also had sex in the car in a secluded area! I look forward to the warmer months when we can find adventure outdoors!

  2. Try going camping! If you find the right camping site it can be very secluded, and also exciting b/c it’s somewhere you’ve never been before. I agree with Iamhis, the car is fun, it allows you to be “outside” without really being outside. Also, try taking a stroll down to your basement and hopping up onto the washer or dryer!

  3. Just don’t drag your husband outdoors without some teasing. I dragged him out on the private lawn, and he just wasn’t ready yet. Men need foreplay, too.

  4. Nature preserves that are not busy work well if you can find a spot that allows you to get some sort of advanced warning if someone comes up the trail. These can often be found near beaches to in areas with large bushes and shore grasses. The Garage is great also. Ours is on the opposite corner of our property from the house its also where the workshop is so its a great place to “fix things” ;^)

  5. I love this idea!!!!!

  6. We lay a blanket on the lawn. It is simply the most exciting thing with the fresh air all around… I can’t wait for spring!

  7. One of our favorites was in an RV park after it had closed. Very secluded and no one there. On top of the picnic table. It wasn’t planned but it happened and was oh so good!

  8. There is a little cave at mount Rushmore on the hiking trails if anyone is brave enough to try. My hubby and I tried on our honeymoon but a ranger came by before we could get far so we chickened out. Have fun!

  9. One year my dh wanted to use the tent in the yard for a night and we put it on the trampoline. It was so comfortable! The kids would frequently camp the tent in the yard themselves during the summer. Once we made use of the trampoline, they tried it and found it more comfortable than the ground. Who knew it would have a better use than just jumping on 🙂

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