Position #97: Lotus Inverted

This is an erotic missionary position that is great for all of you yoga wives out there.  To start out with the wife will need to get into the Lotus position, as seen in the above picture.  She then lies back, but brings her folded legs back with her.  The husband is able to enter her and assume his position on top.  Her folded legs will be in between their bodies.

This position, although hard to do for any length of time, is something that may be appealing for women who like to feel restrained at times.  This is because the wife’s legs are caught in between both spouses and she is unable to use them.

Pros: Tight entry for the husband.  Erotic kissing.

Cons: The wife needs to be very limber and flexible for this one.  Clitoral stimulation isn’t possible.

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  • December 2009
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