How comfortable are you discussing sexual issues with your gynecologist?


  1. I think that it helps me more to NOT ask my GYN too many sex questions. I guess I feel that they aren’t really there to be my sexual support system but to be my doctor and to make sure everything’s working properly. I kinda feel weird asking the stranger who’s sticking their fingers up me how to have a better orgasm… I don’t know, I might feel differently if I saw a midwife or something, but I usually get the impression that my doctor wants me in and out of the office a.s.a.p. Like if I were to ask questions it would be a waste of their time. The visits always feel rushed. I guess I may not have the best doc’s in the world? Does anyone else feel this way?

  2. I never thought about asking my Dr. about sex issues. He always asks if every thing is still working ok and then moves on to the next ?. I would feel comfortable asking if I had a ?. Great poll!

  3. I have never had the need to ask. If I was having pain or something I would be willing to ask. I currently am seeing a midwife that I am very comfortable with. If I saw a male Dr. though it would be whole different story, but I never will so……

  4. I am in a season of life where doctors/nurses assume that I am either trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy. Nothing at all about pleasure or mechanics or anything else.

  5. I find it interesting that this is the current poll. I actually asked my gynecologist about sexual issues a couple days ago. I was a little embarrassed asking her about orgasms but she responded like it was no big deal and actually really surprised me by saying “if you’re comfortable with the idea, you may want to try a vibrator” I guess I just wasn’t expecting that type of response.

    I’ve recently found your website and want to say thank you for all of your advice! I’ve been married for six years and my husband and I waited to have sex until after we were married and I’ve yet to experience an orgasm. We’re incorporating some of the recommendations from your site and are having a lot more fun and enjoying each other a lot more. Hopefully some day soon I’ll be able to experience one; we’ll just have to keep practicing!

  6. Erin, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. When I had a GYN Doctor (Male and Female) it was the same thing.. “Everything looks good – any questions? Bing Bang NEXT”
    They have such a rushed air about them that you can’t even remember the questions if you had them! As you said, they make you feel like you’re wasting their time.
    I didn’t stay with that practice long (for obvious reasons) and now now how a fantastic Midwife who treats me like a person and not a number. She does all of my gyn care and will spend 30 minutes with you if that’s the way the appointment is going. She is like a friend I look forward to seeing and I know genuinely cares about me and all the rest of her patients.

    I haven’t yet had the need to ask her any particular sex questions but as I feel like she’s a friend I think I would feel a lot more comfortable asking should any questions arise.

    Even if you have to drive further away it’s worth every bit of energy to switch to a midwife!

  7. Yeah, sadly after four kids and not so many great docs, I’m starting to think that you are right, It’s definitely worth the drive. It’s the worst feeling in the world to think that the person your trusting your health to has much better things to do with their time… Thank God I’m ultimately trusting my heath to Him, at least I know He will give me all the time to ask questions that I need!

  8. Praying for you!

  9. I have a great Gyn doc. He actually opened his own practice because the clinic he was with wanted him to move patients through quicker! When I see him he always comes in and sits down to talk first. Then after all questions are. Answered he leaves while I change into a gown. Then he returns for an exam. All his patients also have his pager # and can call anytime.
    As far as the sex questions I don’t think I’d be too comfortable asking, unless it was a medical/sexual question. I’ve worked with him for years and he knows myself and DH in and out of the office. So I wouldn’t want him too involved in my sex life. If I didn’t know him so well I probably could. I have a friend that sees him and has asked about orgasms. She said she was very comfortable with him.

  10. I didn’t find one to pick to vote. I have never really felt the need to ask sexual question. Don”t know how comfortable I would be ask either my Gyn or Family Doc as both go to my church and my DH and I taught my family Doc’s youngest child.
    I have usually found my answers in either good christian sex books or on web sites like yours.

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