Code Words

DH and I have had the most fun lately.   A lot of people (family included) have not caught on to our “code words”.  Have you ever tried them?   Do you have any code words or symbols that you use to let your spouse know that you are in the mood for some good lovin?

With the holiday seasons upon us, our code words have been related to the holidays lately.  Our kids have NO CLUE.   Whenever we have needed some private time while the kids were home from school over Thanksgiving, our code word about “Christmas” came out a lot.   Have you ever tried “Dad and I need to talk about Christmas” ?   It works like a charm, and literally, our teenage son asked us the other day if we had decided what we were getting him for Christmas!   Code words can be a very flirtatious way to interact with your spouse in other forums, too.   Try it out on his home page on Facebook or Myspace!!   If you think of creative catch phrases that sound harmless, it is a very good way to unexpectedly give your spouse something to think about or look forward to.   Trust me, my own family members have fallen for this.   My DH and I get a giggle when an aunt asks if we decided what to buy her in all our discussing!

I recently did an article about the game “A Private Affair”.   They had a unique idea with their game.   A simple pin that you could wear as a secret code between you and your spouse.  If you wear it during the day or out in public where your spouse can see it, he knows that you have something special planned or in mind.   And the code doesn’t have to be about sex.  It could be an “I am thinking about you” or ” You are on my mind right now” or an “I thought about sex today”  kind of code as well.

Other types of codes can be slipping a pair of panties in his briefcase or over his rear view mirror, sending a text on his phone or a sexy email, writing him a love letter or a “hoochy mail” type story, kidnapping him to an unknown location….the ways are endless.

After the holidays are over, we’re going to need to come up with a new code for our secret rendezvous…. let the creativity roll!

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