Position #98: Back Door Buffet

position98backdoorbuffet (Custom)

Okay ladies, here is another great oral sex position devoted to you!  Have your husband sit down on the bed or floor, with his legs in front of him.  Have him bend his legs up at the knees and put his feet flat on the floor.  Then you will lay across his legs by putting your abdomen up on top of his knees.  You then just spill down his legs.  Your breasts should be on his shins and your head is in between his feet.  If you are in position correctly, your rear will be right there for his taking!  (Just let your legs fall towards his sides.

Now your husband is able to spread your cheeks and give you cunnilingus!  This is also a prime position for rimming.

Pros: Wonderful oral sex for you ladies!

Cons: The blood may rush to her head or her abdomen may hurt if he has bony knees!

Tip: Place a pillow over the husband’s knees to help cushion it.

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  • December 2009
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