Position #98: Back Door Buffet

position98backdoorbuffet (Custom)

Okay ladies, here is another great oral sex position devoted to you!  Have your husband sit down on the bed or floor, with his legs in front of him.  Have him bend his legs up at the knees and put his feet flat on the floor.  Then you will lay across his legs by putting your abdomen up on top of his knees.  You then just spill down his legs.  Your breasts should be on his shins and your head is in between his feet.  If you are in position correctly, your rear will be right there for his taking!  (Just let your legs fall towards his sides.

Now your husband is able to spread your cheeks and give you cunnilingus!  This is also a prime position for rimming.

Pros: Wonderful oral sex for you ladies!

Cons: The blood may rush to her head or her abdomen may hurt if he has bony knees!

Tip: Place a pillow over the husband’s knees to help cushion it.


  1. Thanks for the illustration cumingirl.

  2. Ok…forgive me if I am behind on the verbage….what is rimmings?

  3. You can read about it here.

  4. Thanks for the info Cumingirl.

  5. This seems very interesting. Would this position work well for a more “fluffy” plus sized wife whose husband is a bit smaller?

    i know i could try it and see but i’m still working on being self conscious so i’m pretty sensitive to little things like not being able to do a position…

  6. I hear what you’re saying about not being able to do certain positions. I’ve finally decided that some positions are just not comfortable and I want to be comfortable during sex, so who cares if my fat belly gets in the way of certain positions? I don’t like blood rushing to my head or feeling like I can’t breathe or if the angle of his entry feels weird. You just have to discover what works for you and that’s what makes for a satisfying and successful love-making session.

    I posted on another string about the Esse. This position is achievable and much more comfortable on the Esse (personal experience talking). Instead of being draped over his legs, you’d be draped over the Esse and his vantage point is the same, plus he doesn’t have your weight on his legs.

  7. Agh live the position.. Can’t do it right now I’m 25 weeks pregnant & huge!
    Any other suggestions 😉

  8. This looks yummy (can I say that?)! Can’t wait for DH to get home!

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