Weekly poll #27: How likely are you to use “spicy language” in the bedroom?


  1. I checked the first option, but wished that there was an option that combined the first and last options! 🙂

  2. I voted “we use it in the bedroom and outside the bedroom” but it’s not like we go around being potty mouths. 🙂 We say lots of things under our breath to eachother on a daily basis. There are a few words we don’t use though…like the f-word. Never been fond of that one. And we are never disrespectful to eachother. I feel that if both parties are ok with it, words like that are harmless. I feel that way about taboo words (cuss words) in general, honestly. Who decided certain words were bad? 🙂 We don’t go around cussing, because it would offend most of our friends, but when it is just my husband and I we throw them in here or there in humorous ways!

  3. i don’t know… we get edgy for two kids raised like we were, but as far as really ‘spicy’ stuff… not really. I don’t think I’d mind, but certain things I just can’t make myself say, you know? If DH ever used them, or said anything indicating he wanted me to talk more dirty, then I probably would, but until then they just are stuck somewhere behind the tip of my tongue… And I think that’s okay.

  4. I;m not sure how to answer this one. We do use some words that might be considered spicy but to us they don’t really feel that way. They are just what we say to each other. I guess to some its spicy but to us it’s not. I guess I just wonder what the definition of spicy really is.

  5. We have started using it more and my husband is loving it…well he doesn’t specifically say that he does, but I can certainly tell. I’d rather we kept it in the bedroom, though.

  6. I voted the first one. But we are known to whisper them to each other outside the bedroom when the mood strikes us. We may even IM each other when the mood strikes.

  7. Me or my wife don’t swear at all outside the bedroom but when we are having sex, the dirty words fly out of both of our mouths. Is swearing in the bedroom even wrong? Is saying the F word bad for a Christian to say while having sex with his wife? Someone please tell me

  8. See this article for our opinion:

  9. ditto

  10. ditto.
    With each other we are huge day-to-day potty mouths (and gropers.) We remind each other 10 times a day that our relationship is sexual. Even though we are old, that’s what makes our house a home. Otherwise I would have maried my friend Ellen because we have so much in common!

  11. This comment made me smile ear to ear

  12. hehe! your comment tickled me. 🙂 I also wanted to say that you are a great inspiration to me, I hope when my little ones are grown and It’s just DH and I alone again, we will be just as happy and thrilled with each other as you two seem to be!

  13. What you say in the bedroom is between you and your DH. There is nothing wrong with saying things like F* me harder, harder,

    The close relationship between two believers allows a lot of latitude in what we say to one another while making love, and only in private.

  14. there is a difference between vulgarity, the F word, and profanity.

  15. Love all the comments! My wife and I don’t really use a lot of words, but they are on ther tip of my tongue to come out.lol! There are times when I do let go and she love it..

  16. We use spicy language both in the bedroom. Sometimes even in “spicey notes or text messages”. I see nothing wrong with it.

  17. Oh yeah. Text messages. 🙂 Full of code words for sure!

  18. i voted #1 BIG TIME in the bedroom. I would’nt mind outside the bedroom, (for his ears only), but right now we have too many little ears around. My DH tried to use a “code word” once and the teenagers caught on. Hmm, we do text once in awhile, but there too we need to make sure to delete.
    I think it’s perfectly acceptable for married couples. Even the “conservative, fundamental” ones!

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