Position #99: The Thigh Master

Here we go with another “outercourse” position!    Outercourse positions are great for those times when penis-in-vagina intercourse just isn’t possible (menstruation, infection, etc.)

For this position you will need two pieces of comfortable furniture such as the bed, sofa, chair, ottoman, or cushioned stool.  The wife will lie back onto something (an ottoman works great) and then put her feet up onto a higher piece of furniture or counter/table.  It actually works great if she can bend her knees over the other piece of furniture.  The other way to get into position is to have the wife lie down on one narrow but long piece of furniture.  Something like a chaise.  She will then need to raise her knees up and put her feet flat down.

The husband will stand over his wife, straddling her.  He will face her feet.  He can then insert his penis in between her lubed thighs and thrust.  He will be able to use his hands to compress her thighs together making it tighter for him.  He can also thrust right at her vertex so that his penis is rubbing up against her clitoris, giving her pleasure!

Pros: This is a great position to use when PIV isn’t possible!

Cons: It may be difficult to find the furniture needed to make this work.


  1. You girls are so funny

  2. Interesting!!! This is something I NEVER would have thought of!

  3. This is a pretty good idea and well thought out. Finding the furniture would be difficult, but you can always get creative

  4. Yes, a way around not being allowed to have sex when on period. ( I love my Jewish Husband. He does me so lovingly.)

  5. Don’t think I will be doing this one…I don’t like my thighs :*(

  6. Not many of us really like our thighs, but the good news is that our wonderful husbands were created with vastly different eyes and minds than we were. He loves you AND your thighs! I still haven’t figured out why my husband loves my butt, but I am so glad he does!! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for his pleasure – that will turn him on more than anything! Or if you find another creative option – share!!! Have Fun!!

  7. lol, I’m glad there is someone else out there in the same boat 😉

  8. My husband and I have done something very similar, except he used my breasts. We oiled up really well, the area between my breasts and his penis, and then I I held my breasts together for a tighter fit and he REALLY enjoyed it. A great way to get a “facial” if you like 🙂

  9. Great idea! Would this work with him on his knees and wife on bed with feet flat on wall?

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