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In looking back at my own past articles on here, I realized pretty quickly which one I wanted to repost.  We had a woman to write in to us, asking us how in the world we had all the energy and time to have sex as often as we do, which she thought was daily, by the sound of our posts! 😆   I was glad that she wrote in, because it gave us a chance to clear up some misconceptions.

So my pick of the week is:  How do the CN girls do it?

If  you have a comment about that article, please leave it on that article instead of this one.  Thanks!

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  1. Hey Cumingirl,
    Thank you for re-posting this important article.

    When I first read this post, about a year and a half ago, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I was working through a mire of sexual information/misinformation.
    I was seeking relief from a bombardment of wrong information regarding married sex, especially Christ-centered married sex.
    I appreciated the ‘permission’, you and the other Spicegirls presented, to seek your own path for your own marriage and not be pressured by external pressures to be this way or that.
    God has used this site mightily in my life and thus in my marriage. I am a huge and regular fan of Christian Nymphos. God bless y’all this coming year : 2010.

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