What’s New In 2010?

We are posting today to let you all know that we will be taking a break from our Friday Position of the Week feature. We chose to end it at position #99 for now.  We have thoroughly enjoyed researching and trying out all of these new positions along the way and hope that you will keep coming back to our Position Page any time you need inspiration or fresh ideas for something new.  It may be that we decide to pick up where we left off and continue with more positions at a later date, or our future may go in a totally different direction altogether.  But for now, we will be ceasing this weekly feature.

While we have your attention, let us take this opportunity to announce our new Friday feature, which will be replacing the POTW.   Next  Friday, January 8th, we will start:  Your Questions Answered!  (Q&A for short) Fridays will now be reserved for us to answer your email questions!  We get so many questions in each week.  We decided that it would be nice to have one day set aside to publish your questions, our answers, and to invite discussion in the comment section.  Sometimes a question comes in that needs more help and advice than what we have to offer.  For those questions that need professional input, we are so happy to announce that Lauren Jordan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified Sex Therapist, has agreed to be a consultant for us! If you missed our interview with her, then please read it and familiarize yourself with her.  Her website is also at the bottom of our blogroll to the right of every page.  We are thankful to her for lending us her experience and expertise.  So make sure that you tune in on Fridays for Your Questions Answered!”

Also, please be sure and check out our new homepage! We’ve worked to condense it a bit and make it more aesthetically pleasing.  We are constantly thinking and planning and trying to make our blog the best resource it can be for married women everywhere.  Thank you for being our loyal readers and contributors and we hope and pray that 2010 will become a wonderful and blessed year for us all!


  1. I’m excited to see what you have for the new year! I’m new to this site, but I know I will be frequenting here quite often. My resolution for the new year is to be my husband’s girlfriend.

    In the past 8 years of marriage, I’ve sadly become comfortable in our marriage and I often take advantage of my husband. This year I plan on being the girl he fell in love with 9 years ago and I’m putting all my time and energy into him and his emotional and physical needs, like I did when we were dating (well, we didn’t do the physical when we were dating).

    I have a feeling this site will help me a lot in my journey!

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  2. Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for all your Help. I’m new to the site also. My Husband found you . WE love and value your opinions.

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