Weekly poll #28: Gender demographics


  1. Very interesting that poll is running so heavily male, as they say in elections, we will have to wait for the later votes to come in.

    My hunch is that maybe men, check the website early in the morning before they are off to work, and then women get the husband off, the kids off to school, their shower, and then check later in the day, or if they work they check at break time, because it wa so hectic getting out of the house in the morning.

  2. Its very interesting that the majority of the people visiting this web site are married males.

  3. Praying for you both!

  4. I appreciate that men are visiting the site, but have become uncomfortable with the high volume of posts written by them. I have read the CN interview on a blog, where it was specifically stated that the audience of this site is women. I think it would serve men well to explore their options on other sources; the links to the right, specifically The Marriage Bed, are a good place to start.

  5. I’m one of the males who visits this site. I find I am more interested in spicing things up than my wife is, but she has been very open and I’m very pleased that she lets me try new things with her in this area. I WISH she would visit this site more often and try some things on her own, but until then I just make use of the many helpful suggestions and articles here and share them with her myself. =I just want to say a big thank you to the ladies who run this site for adding a LOT of excitement back into our 20+ yr marriage sex life! Christians CAN and SHOULD have exciting and fun sex lives.

  6. Wow, I’m really surprised so far there are more men on here than women!

  7. Right there with ya too Dennis. My wife confronted her abuse about 9 yrs. into our marriage, now 26 + yrs. She is a much stronger human being and more beautiful person because of it. Support her thru it every day she struggles. Your marriage will be blest for it. In our prayers.

  8. That’s because the men here should take over the multitasking DW’s duties for 30 minutes so she can vote!!! And he can do some tasking foreplay himself.

  9. my husband and i read the site together. he originally found the site and turned me on to it. we both check it daily and enjoy reading each others comments. it has really opened up our communication and we really enjoy what we’ve learned here!

  10. Please understand that we moderate all comments from men very strictly and if we deem it helpful, then we will approve it. We delete many more comments from men than you can possibly imagine. Our focus to all of our articles is focused on women, but being in the public domain and the public eye, there is no way to only allow women to view this as well.

  11. That’s correct!
    It’s 10 minutes past 5 in the morning, I’ll be off to work in a few moments, and I checked this site.
    And voted, of course.
    Question is if you’re allowed to vote twice from the same IP address, ’cause if you’re not, it will possibly not change.
    I voted “married male” but if my wife is unable to vote “married female” because we use the same computer and the IP is registered, she will not be able to change the way this poll looks…
    Well, she’ll just have to use the other computer then, luckily we have more than one.

    And by the way, thanks for this site and your work on it.
    It’s a fun thing to read through all the different positions and articles together.
    It may sound as a cliche, but this site opened up a lot of opportunities for us to talk about what we like and don’t like.

    We’ve grown closer together and our sexlife has improved as a result.
    Many thanks and be blessed abundantly for all the efforts you put into maintaining this site!

  12. “our sexuall relationship has always had issues”

    welcome to the real world 🙂

    every sexual realtionship has issues.

    on a serious note, the percent of women molested or raped in the usa is above 10%

  13. At first I was very surprised by the number of men. But then I thought about my girlfriends who complain about sex and wondered how many husbands went online trying to figure out healthy ways to improve their sex life. I think if there was a site that men posted on (just for men) I would sneak a peek too so I could learn what was going on in a man’s head.

  14. One more thing-

    I don’t really mind having the men post. (At least not posts I have read so far).

    I use to be one of those wives who turned down their husband all the time. After a decade of being married I knew I had to change our sex life and figure out what was wrong. I am blessed to have a patient husband – and now our sex life is such a blessing. I hope men who are struggling and/or are frustrated with their sexual relationship have hope that things can change for the better. And maybe figure out steps they can take.

  15. Right there with you too. My DH and I have been dealing the fact I was sexually absued when I was a child by my half-brother and step-brother for over 20 years(17 years of marriage) now . God has help to heal me and make me stronger. I truely thank him for giving me such a loving DH when I was 21.

    To any one dealing with this kind of abuse please look into the book and workbook: The Wounded Heart by Dr. Dan B. Allender. He is a wonderful christian auther that deals with this issue. My Councelor was trained by him. My DH and I worked through the workbook together and it really helped me. My DH said it helped him better understan want I went throught.

    I hope this helps

  16. I think you got it right, H – I’m a married male who is much more interested in sex than my marvellous wife and, though she visits the site from time to time, I’ll drop in at least weekly in an effort to understand what’s going on in her head/heart (as well as asking her, of course, but it’s never that simple!). I initially felt ashamed when I saw the poll results as I really don’t want us men to get in the way of this fantastic ministry, but I think so long as we stay out of the way and learn something while we’re here it’s our wives you’re helping as much as us. So on behalf of both of us, thanks!

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