Monday’s Mission # 83

Your mission this week is to kiss your husband for 10 seconds at the start of every day. My husband and I recently heard that it can build a significant amount of intimacy when you begin your day focused on one another like this so we started today. Let me know if you notice a difference in your relationship at all.


  1. So, my DH isn’t a huge kissy guy. I have yet to figure out why. He is very sweet and kisses me every morning before he leaves for work, even if I’m still asleep, (he leaves very early in the morning) but he doesn’t usually seem to enjoy big long kissing sessions. I am the total opposite, I LOVE kissing. We’ve talked about it at length before and he seems to just not enjoy the whole making out idea. Any thoughts?

  2. That’s funny because my husband and I are in a similar situation. 🙂 He leaves early and always comes to kiss me goodbye, but in our house he is WAY more into kissing than I am so we are the reverse of you. I agree with your husband that “making out” isn’t really very exciting. So, I am giving this a try in spite of that. 🙂

  3. Wow…lol I read Erin’s response and thought I can relate with her husband. Then I read CS response and thought. “Yeahh I’m not the only woman who feels this way”. I’m not a fan of PA either.

  4. I”m so glad I’m not the only one that isn’t into making out. I was beginning to think I was the only one.

  5. My mom told me she was never into kissing either. I waited until my wedding day for my first kiss and I’m happy to report I didn’t inherit that gene. I love making out with my husband and I also love having sex with him! We have it once or twice a day during the week and up to four times a day on the weekend! 🙂 just had to share that with someone 🙂

  6. My husband leaves about an hour before I wake up. He’s a morning person, I am a night person. I just don’t think we can do this…. I hate kissing when I have morning breath and to get up just to kiss for 10 seconds and then have him leave…. doesn’t seem worth it.
    My husband enjoys kissing more than I do too. Looks like lots of us girls are like that.:)

  7. Wow, so I’m beginning to feel as if I am a little strange for enjoying kissing so much! I always thought there was something wrong b/c my DH never seems to like it very much. I would sit and wonder, “Is it me? Am I a horrible kisser?” But I never had a complaint with past relationships (before Christ was a part of my life). Now, I’ve read the kissing types blog, and I get that everyone has a different style of kissing,
    but, now that I see so many of you ladies actually DON’T enjoy passionate kissing that much, my question is, why not? I guess I’m still trying to figure out the WHY of it all. To me, not wanting to be kissed very passionately is such a big feeling of rejection. No matter how great our sex is, it always leaves me feeling a little sad that he doesn’t want to really kiss me that much. Can anybody clear things up for me as to what it is that you don’t like about it specifically? I think it might really help me have a better understanding of my situation!

  8. LOL on the morning breath thing. Ever notice how in movies everyone always wakes up and starts making out…. no one EVER has morning breath in the movies! 😀

  9. I leave for the gym at 4:30 when he is still sleepy.

    To ‘snog’ …. 🙂 every day for a week, that early in the morning, is a tough assignment for me as I am in high gear and he is not there yet.

    Sometimes, he wakes himself up before my alarm to adore me with beautiful morning love making but most of the time, he is way too tired. We are ultra clean about our mouths and ALWAYS brush our teeth and use mouthwash before love making in the morning.

    I have noticed that cleaning up our diet has made for far more wonderful kissing times and great mouth joining during love making as our breaths are cleaner. I actually try to avoid fish (!) onions, garlic, spices and other strong foods so that my body and breath will smell sweet.

    We both want more make out times in our marriage. How cool is that after 25 years 😉

  10. DH and I have been up at the same time for the last two weeks. I will try this first thing in the morning! I think we need this! Thanks!

  11. We wake up at different times, and when I wake up he’s already gone. But we do usually share a kiss like this when we first see each other in the evening, and I think it’s just as intimate as if we’d kissed in the morning. So for those in that same boat, there’s an alternative. As for making out, I love it because it reminds me (and him, I believe) of when we were dating and couldn’t do much else. I wear something casual like a t-shirt and jeans (again, the youth factor), then cuddle with him on the couch before making my move. It’s not something we do all the time, but once a month or so it’s a good way to remind each other of how much we’ve lived through together, and that we are still relatively young (since nothing can make you feel old like having growing kids).

  12. Their hair is still perfect and they wear make-up to bed that doesn’t get mussed too!lol Real life just isn’t the same….

  13. I wouldn’t say I dislike kissing, just in the morning with morning breath and not as much as my husband. He loves fast kisses here and there and is more of a cuddly person than I am overall. I like a really deep kiss that makes my toes tingle but then I prefer if DH moves on to something aka somewhere else. Once we are having sex I like kissing but for a long period of time just kissing without anything else happening just gets dull to me. Don’t get me wrong, DH is a great kisser but I need more than that or my mind starts wandering. Don’t feel like it is something against you if your husband doesn’t love kissing. Explain how much you love it and that you need it but give him some nights where there is minimal kissing. Everyone has different things they enjoy and just because I am not a kissaholic doesn’t mean DH is bad at it or that I don’t love him passionately I would just prefer his mouth other places.:) I don’t know if this helped or not….

  14. This explains me so well. 🙂

  15. Just a note, has anyone here ever heard of Smart Mouth mouthwash? It costs about $11 at Walmart, and if you use it twice a day everyday, after about 3-4 days, you NEVER have smelly breath. Honest! Even in the morning. It sounds too good to be true, but it totally works.
    I am not as much into kissing lately either. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, and if I’m really turned on, I love it, but not like I used to! I think part of it is I am very easily grossed out if say, my dh has just eaten lunch or something, and there is something in his teeth, or even if his mouth smells like any kind of food, I just can’t do it. (Not stinky, just if I can smell whatever he just ate it grosses me out!) And me backing up and saying “Would you mind brushing?” no matter how nice I say it, kinda kills the mood. 😦 Also He is a little more of an aggressive kisser than me.

  16. This is so funny. Last night my hubby and I were kissing before falling asleep and he says “I just love making out with you.” I had to laugh seeing as we are talking about it this week on the blog. I told him about what we were talking about and we laughed at the irony of it being translated to our bedroom so poignantly. It opened up good communication though because he, of course, says, “So what DO you like?” And then, “Oh good. I like that too,” to my response. 🙂

  17. I love this website. I just found it a couple weeks ago. I love to kiss, but NOT just a peck on the lips. I want some passion and how do I say to be french? When my husband and I first met we kissed/made out for hours. I have fond memories of it although we did not do it much in our marriage. I do miss it and have complained about it. Well I thought I was just voicing my wants and desires but it came through like a complaint. I request the everday peck several times a day now and my husband is happy to give me a kiss. I wanted more so instead of complaining as he took it I decided to use a different tactic recently. In the past I did take offense to the lack of kissing after I would state my want. I don’t think he did not enjoy kissing it was just not a step he would take when we were intimate. So recently when we were going to be intimate, I asked him to kiss and we did quickly. I told him in the moment that I want to REALLY kiss him. We kissed and I enjoyed it and I asked him later if it was so bad. He said no it actually turned him on. Now we do not do it everytime but we will again soon. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in a loving non insulting way. I have been pleasantly surprised that when you don’t hold back your thoughts/wants/desires it is not that big of a deal. My desires just need to be God honoring, requested in love, and free from fear of rejection. So as long as we are not hearing it negatively we will both be blessed.

  18. Thanks for the explanation wynterr! This particular blog is such a blessing b/c It has really helped me look at this issue in such a different light.
    Also… quick update:
    Out of the clear blue sky last night, my amazing hubby literally kissed me throughout our entire love-making. I don’t think his mouth actually left my lips except for the occasional position-change!!!
    AAAAHHH!!!! 😀 I know that this won’t always be the norm with him, but I’m just thanking our God for this wonderful night we were able to have! -And this wonderful man he has blessed me with who is willing to please me so!! 🙂

  19. These are such funny comments.
    Erin I have to say it’s not that I don’t like to kiss or be kissed, we do plenty of that during LM. It’s just out of the bedroom I’m not into “making out” I guess I’m not a very touchy (hug/kiss) person with anyone. It doesn’t mean I love my family and friends any less, it’s just not my “love language”

  20. Both my husband and I are passionate kissers…not everywhere all of the time mind you but the “peck kiss” just seems like a haphazard kind of thing to me. I have done it myself…in front of the kids or in-laws; but I love to be really kissed and be kissed back. I want my hubby to know that he is worthy of me spending some time there and not just a “strike mission” kind of thing. No disrespect to those of you who prefer it…everyone is different…but I love kissing my hubby and I love being kissed by him…YUM! He makes me feel so special; another wonderful thing that only we do together!

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