Weekly poll #29: How long have you been married?


  1. 11 years last June! God is amazing!

  2. 16 wonderful yrs.

  3. We’ll celebrate our 20th Anniversary next Fall!

  4. 2 years in May! 🙂

  5. I was raised like so many other Christian women were – so conservative that the marriage bed was not discussed and always seemed like a necessary evil among the Christian women I knew. I’m 49 now and have been married 25 years, but I’m still getting freed up from all that baggage.

    Thanks for being there.

  6. this one is fun! almost 13 yrs. for us – the best 13 years of my life!

  7. I have been married for 17 yeaars. We have been together for 20 years. We got engaged after dating for one month. I was 21 and my DH had just turned 19 when he purposed. But it took us three year to get married due to parents and school.

    The best thing is that through my DH I have come to know Christ better(was not raised in a christian home) and how to except my sexuality as special gift from God(I was sexually abused)

  8. This summer Aug. 2010…we will be married 28 yrs…I was 16 and he was 19 when we met We dated 3 and half years before we got married. We became born-again christians 1 year before we got married .Due to the silence on the subject of married sex.. in all of the years since we have been married it has been only in the past 16 months that we have become truly free and are enjoying the gift of God in our marriage bed…thanks to God for my awakening and for opening our eyes after reading a couple of christian books on sex… I am also thankful for this wonderful website which I have already learned so much and currently continue to incorporate much of what I am learning…

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