Weekly poll #30: Ladies, what is your love language?

What you want your husbands to know…


  1. My husband and I have a routine of watching a movie and then making love. The movie is supposed to be quality time together to get me warmed up a bit—and sometimes it does. But I hope to find a new way to spend time together at home. I don’t want to get in a rut of doing the same thing every night that we want to be together (5 nights a week right now).

  2. Love the poll. Dr. Chapman the author of The Five Love Languages is one of our senior pastors. I love to he him preah on this topic. My DH and I have the same love language, which Dr. Chapman says is raret Physical touch as a love language makes one’s sexual relationship even more intense and meaningful

  3. Have you read The Five Love Languages book by Dr. Gary Chapman? It willl help give you ideas on how to fill each others “love tanks”. Plus Dr. Chapman now has a couples devotion for the Five Love Languages. Gary’s books are a great resource for couples. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks HisPrincess!

    I have not read it but have meant to for some years now. Thanks for reminding me–we’ll try to get it soon.

  5. i answered physical touch, but when i took the test on the link provided i had a 3 way tie! physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation. i’m hoping this means that its easier for my husband to have choices and not harder for him to try to meet my needs in all those areas!

  6. Like hisbabe, I clicked physical touch, but quality time and words of affirmation are also very important to me.

    And, like hisprincess, my DH and I both share the love languages of words of affirmation and quality time, which is a huge blessing!! But, I really think he appreciates spoken words of affirmation while I prefer written words of affirmation–even though Dr. Chapman doesn’t make this distinction

    I think quality time and physical touch go very well together and lead to some great cuddling time.

  7. I put down quality time but physical touch is a close second.

  8. Sorry for the type-o’s the message above on medication for migraines and have had one 3 weeks.

    If you go to 5lovelanguages.com and do the personal profile, it will give you how you do with all the love languages. My love languages has always been physical touch. This can be good and bad at times as I am a victim of sexual abuse. But Gary’s preaching and my DH’s help have helped me over come this. My second love language is quality time. It just changes in how strongly it ranks compares to my first love language.

  9. So much for the need to bring home flowers, cards and gifts! In this poll, so far, that is one of the least clicked! very interesting to see how physical touch and quality time are close together (3 votes difference). I’m quality time.

  10. I picked ‘quality time’ b/c that’s what seems so important to me right now… but really all of them make me feel loved!

    Words of affirmation was what my family always said I was… but I had a very critical mom.
    Now with a baby and a husband who just finished a degree while working as much as possible (and who likes ‘his time’ when he is at home)… quality time is oh so rare and precious… I think a lot of couples are in that boat and that might be why it ranked so high?

  11. Good poll. I don’t think too many couples know what there “love language” is, and I think it can really do alot for relationships. Not just with your spouse, but children also. We have 9 children and they all seem to have different love languages.
    We did a bible class on this at church years ago. Always a good topic to refresh youself on.
    My language is acts of service, (not a high scorer) DH’s is physical touch. Funny I think my parents were the same as us. 🙂

  12. a little bit of all of them in one

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