Weekly poll #32: At what age did you experience your sexual awakening?


  1. I guess it was on our honeymoon – I was barely 20.

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday….the month after i turned 31. My husband didn’t know what hit him! 😆

  3. I would say it was after I had my first son 3 years ago, when I was 27. I had always enjoyed sex and was a free spirit, but something changed in me after I had a baby. The relationship between my husband and I was on a new level, and no longer could we go out and party like before. This forced us to connect in a different way, and brought us much closer. No longer was I self conscience with the lights on or when I was ‘on top’, and I just felt more comfortable in my skin – and that it was okay to be a sexual being.

    Since my husband and I are closer, sex is so much more enjoyable on an emotional level. Also, after having a baby, you become much more intuned with your body and how it works, which translates to better sex physically, as well.

  4. What is a sexual awakening? If it is what I think it is, I’m guessing that I’m in that half asleep, half awake stage…or maybe still asleep.

  5. A ‘sexual awakening’ is a term that is used to describe the point in time where you realized that God made you as a sexual being, with sexual desires and needs, and that His plan had included you and your husband having a fulfilling sex life together! For more information on experiencing a sexual awakening yourself, please read: How To Have a Sexual Awakening.

  6. i agree – i put in my 30’s. i’ve always loved to ml to my husband, but in the last several years i’ve been losing that ‘self conscience’ that kept me from just completely letting go! i believe that i really am beautiful for the first time in my life even though my husband has always told me i was. i guess it just had to come from within myself.

  7. I was blessed with parents who made it clear that purity (first virginity, then faithfulness in marriage) was essential for many reasons. The first is to please God–as a picture of faithfulness to Him–first as a spotless bride waiting for her bridegroom, then as a faithful wife. Sex was not bad. Just extremely precious/priceless/private between those who are married to each other. And definitely, it was something to look forward to! So I entered my marriage with joy and excitement. Just as we left our wedding reception, after kissing me, my dad said something to my husband. I asked him later what my dad said–“Enjoy her!”

  8. What a precious, freeing thing for a dad to say. God bless him! I’ll show this to my husband for when we ever have kids marrying (and the growing up before).

  9. This is hard to answer. I think I’ve always been sexually aware and certainly attuned to the opposite sex since littlehood. But for all that, I think I was always conscious of a higher purpose and wanted a mate for life.

  10. I was aware of my sexuality since i was a young girl, but never had anybody to talk to about it. My redeemed sexual awaking happened in my 20’s after bringing alot of sexual shame and sin into the light. Jesus redeemed my sexuality and oh man, i didnt know what i was missing with my husband until living in freedom from sexual bondage. god is gracious.

    i am still learning…

  11. What does sexual awakeining mean to you?

  12. Cumingirl linked the article that explains it a few comments up. 🙂

  13. I just had it about a month ago, over the Olympics, at the age of 37. It took me by surprise and rocked both my and my husband’s world for about two and a half weeks straight. I am SO glad to have found this site as I have really been needing information on my newfound reality. YOU LADIES ROCK!!! As my good friend puts it, you are “churchalicious”! Anyway, it has been a huge change for me. I wish I had gone through it earlier in life. I think what started it was my good friend (prophotographer) talking me into doing one of her boudoir sessions. It was so empowering! And, the rest is history!

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