Monday’s Mission #87

Your mission this week is to pick a morning to serve your husband breakfast in bed. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you wish to, but the idea is just to let him know that you want your home to be a place of rest for him and to make him feel special. Give it a try. 🙂


  1. Great idea! Will do!!

  2. fun! I might incorporate this into valentines day. 🙂

  3. I will try to do this on V-Day!

  4. Here I go again…..I have to be the contrary fairy here and say that my man would HATE to have his breakfast in bed…just not into the crumbs and sticky deal.

    Ssssoooo, I am planning on getting my cute little tushy out of bed extra early on Saturday morning, our weekly coffee date time, and actually get to leave for coffee with him in his timing!

    This will no small feat as my little ones still use delay tactics to hang on to mommy for a bit longer. I am a puctuality challenged mom so this is my big treat for my husband. He will be truly surprised if I can pull it off ;-)…

  5. SmP–your post made me laugh. My husband is not really into breakfast in bed, either.

    Today a huge storm has hit the US, and in our corner of things, schools were cancelled and my husband did not have to be in to work until just after 9:30. When he went outside today to shovel, I was still nursing, but I was up and dressed, and made a nice breakfast–omelette and what I thought was maple sausage. I was in such a whirl while getting the meat thawed, sliced, and fried up, while also getting my preschooler out to play while daddy shoveled, feeding and changing my boys, etc…

    My husband asked me “This is just regular ground beef, isn’t it?” Oh well. His favorite sausage is waiting in the freezer for another morning. 🙂

  6. So, I’ve been planning for the last couple of days to figure out when I could pull this off, but hadn’t yet had a time. Then this morning, my husband got up before me, and I woke up to him bringing me breakfast in bed! LOL … I was like, “Have you been reading my Christian Nymphos site???” (I’d told him about it once or twice before.) But no, this was just inspired by him being a great husband. =D What an awesome guy!

  7. Props MelB… guess you have a challenge to ‘one up’ him on that surprise.

    Anything he has asked you to do for him that you haven’t had the courage to try…and I mean in bed? I am bluntly forward but that is where our husbands get off most times. We think stuff we can do for them. They think stuff we can do ‘on/to’ them!

    Make him sssooo glad he made you breakfast in bed! It is a sobering thought when I fully comprehend that I am my husband’s only guilt free, sexual outlet. I can make his sexual dreams come true. I wish you awesome loving times with your darling man 😉

  8. Hey Smokeypuss, thanks for the advice! There was nothing I could think of off hand that he’d been asking for… our sex life has been pretty awesome lately already… ;o) But I did ambush him with some surprise afternoon oral – which I think he thoroughly enjoyed! lol
    I totally resonate with what you’re saying, too. I love the fact that it’s one need that my husband and I can fulfill only in each other. But it’s also a big responsibility because he has no where else to go, and if I don’t make his needs a priority it’s not like he has another outlet.
    When we first got married, our sex life wasn’t actually that great because if I wasn’t in the mood, I didn’t put in any effort. It wasn’t until I started reading this site, and realizing that I needed to prioritize his needs too, that things really turned around. Since then, I’ve come to understand I can choose to put in the effort (even when I’m not ‘feeling it’) and that a sexy mindset goes a long way. =) Man, what a difference! lol

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