Monday’s Mission #88

Your mission this week is to create an wonderful at home date. Cook something together or prepare his favorite thing. Enjoy chatting over cups of warms drinks or glasses of wine. Do something at home that you both enjoy, but which often gets forgotten with the distraction of TV and computers. Enjoy your favorite bedroom activities. Just have fun at home!


  1. It is too funny that this is the mission! As it turns out, we did this just this past weekend. 🙂 Yummy steaks and lovely wine… followed by a very good time. He had so much fun that he ended up picking up more steaks at the store a few days later. 🙂 “hint hint babe”

  2. this is our favorite way to have a date! We neither of us like crowds, so we either go out at off time or we get takeout or I make a nice dinner and we have dates at home. Dates at home are fun because after dinner is over you can push back the furniture and dance 🙂 We even get dressed up for dates at home sometimes (I’ve always liked dressing up…. Is it the 2 year old in me?)

  3. I’m cooking my DH his favorite meal in the crockpot.
    We cook alot of meals together.

  4. I like the idea of this, but it isn’t very practical for our situation. My father-in-law lives with us and as long as DH is in the living room, so it he. It makes it VERY difficult to get alone time. We do have our bedroom to ourselves and we take advantage of that, but with my FIL, two kids and one on the way, it’s not always easy. 😦 If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I’m open!

  5. Have you ever actually sat down and lovingly expressed your thoughts about this to your DH? Could you maybe work together to explain to your father in law that the two of you would like some quiet time with each other without him in the room with you both every single time? I don’t know your FIL’s situation, but perhaps he doesn’t realize that the two of you would enjoy some time without him every so often. Is there a way that you could explain that to him and work out a bit of a schedule or something? Maybe your FIL could spend some time with the grand kids in another room for even a half hour or so in order for you two to have a moment to connect?

  6. Oh, and by the way, I failed to mention in my first comment at the top of the page that while my DH and I were enjoying our little date, our kids were home! (we have four little ones!) We fed them their little dinner earlier and popped in a movie for them. We were able to have a really great meal together with minimal interruptions, right in the next room! We of course then put them to bed and had more fun later!! ;-D There are always ways to work around the circumstances, sometimes you just have to be creative and make it a team effort! I know how tough it can be, but keep trying, because even just a few minutes together to connect and communicate during each day can make SUCH a wonderful difference!

  7. Yes, DH and I have discussed it and he feels the same way. The part that makes it so difficult is that I’m pretty sure my FIL has either alzheimer’s or dimentia. His living with us is not a permanent thing (we’re beginning to look for other places for him), so we are dealing with it the best we can right now.

    I would love to be able to send him with the girls into another room for a while, but he doesn’t really interact with them. He sits and does word searches and completely ignores them most of the time unless they start climbing on him or get up in his face (sometimes then he tells them to wait or stop). It’s very sad.

    That being said, we do get plenty of alone time in our bedroom and we have been taking advantage of that. Sometimes I’d just like to be able to have a candle light dinner or something after the girls go to bed. Even with him in a different room though it’s still hard for me because you never know when he’s going to come out.

  8. Oh, wow, that must be difficult. I’m sorry that you have to go through this situation right now. Thank God that he never gives us more than we can handle through his grace! I will keep you and your situation in my prayers. I hope that you’ll get to have lots of candle light dates with your DH in the near future!

  9. And maybe a light picnic on top of your bed some time? Cheese, crackers, fruit, or maybe a really awesome dessert? Chocolate torte?

  10. Amanda,
    I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for your family (letting FIL live with you.) I know it has its stresses on you, but what your doing for him is priceless.
    I believe God puts us through every season of our lives to mold our character and makes us more “Christ like”. I also am a huge fan of prayer. Pray about your situation and be specific in asking the Lord exactly what you want from him. (a permanent solution, or just alone time once in awhile). I’ve been a christian a long time, and have seen prayer bring about some miracullus things. Don’t under estimate our God he can and wants to help.

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