Weekly poll #33: How many children have you had?

You may choose 2 answers on this one….


  1. 1, with hopes for more 🙂

  2. I had a lillte trouble deciding how to vote. My DH and I have 2 wonderful kids and one in Heaven we never got to hold. Yet I checked the 3-5 kids. I had my first child at 19, about a year before a met my DH. I gave her up for adoption to a wonderful christian family. I had to wait over 12 years to start a family with my DH. We struggled to have kids. It took me a year and a half to get pregnant with our son at age 32. Then three years later I was taken of the pill for medical reason and was not pregnant over a year later. This time they gave me fertiliy medicine. After two rounds we lost a precious little one. They switched my medicine and conceived a girl. This pregnancy turned out to be very difficult. We almost lost our dear little Emily at birh. She had her cord wrapped around her neck 1 time and her body 2 times. I quit breathing 4 time during the c-section. As a result of this and my age( she was born 16 days before my 39 birthday) we told that we should not have any more kids.

    But despite what I went through I wouldn’t change a thing. I have 2 wonderful kids and another family got to raise a child of their own.

  3. I ended up checking “1-2 children” and “I don’t have any children yet”.

    I have 2 terrific stepkids, but no biological ones. The “not yet” choice is a little misleading — I am unable to have children, which sets us apart from couples who are currently trying or waiting for the right time — but I thought it fit better than “I don’t want to have children” (although it’s true that we have no interest in adoption).

  4. I really thank you for including “angels in heaven” as one of the selections…many of us do, and the consideration that those dear ones who are no longer with us are still our children is quite appreciated.

  5. We have four, and unless God has other plans, or we change our minds later down the road, we are thinking we’re done!

  6. No babies yet but we’re trying! We’ve only been married for five months so we’re just enjoying being together and trusting God’s timing for our family…….it sure is fun trying though! 🙂

  7. I did not respond to the poll because there was not an option that fit my situation. My DH and I have no children and would love to have children. Unfortunately, last year we had to choose life saving surgery resulting in my inability to have children. Up until this point we knew that it would take a miracle for us to have children, but we were not prepared for the trauma we faced.

  8. Adoption is a beautiful thing. God bless you!

  9. After over 5 years of infertilty we still have no children, but we have 3 beautiful angels awaiting us in heaven! I pray that we finally have my health issues figured out, now we just need to work on his and we’ll be set to start trying again 🙂 If not, adoption may be in the cards for us!

  10. We have 9, with 8 pregnancies, (1 set of twins). I guess we were really blessed with fertility 🙂 I am glad to say they are all with the same wonderful man! I woulnd”t trade my busy life for anything, (except maybe a spotless house with no laundry..LOL)

  11. trying for our first!! Please let me know if you have any good websites or resources for new parents. Thanks 🙂

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