Weekly poll #34: Which Spice Sister do you feel you relate to the most?

Some of our readers know our writing style and “know” us pretty well!  I’ve included our past sisters in here as well, since you can still read their articles, too.

You’re not going to hurt our feelings!   If you want to write why you feel you relate to the one you chose, you may do so in the comment section below.


  1. NNNNNOOOOO, I can’t stand it..don’t do it to me. Hate choosing favs.

    Love you all and thank you so very much for taking much time on this site. It takes FOREVA to make sure a post is ok before hitting ‘send’ therefore I am grateful for the time y’all take keeping this going. Amazing dedication.

    God bless you all plus the ol’ girls…aawww, not old ! – ripened; like mulled wine in their individual spicyness 😉

    Any way you could get the former spicegirls to chime in on some area of wonderfulness about their lives?

  2. We don’t really look at it as choosing a favorite, just the person that you feel like you kind of relate to the most. Each one of us has a distinct personality and we feel like it probably carries over into our writing styles. I have several friends that I really like but I have a hard time relating to, because their lives are so different than mine.

    As far as the former spice girls go… Quite honestly, they are leading pretty busy lives homeschooling multiple children and/or starting new jobs. I’m not sure how often they check back here and read, but I’ll let them know that you have asked about them! 🙂

  3. I love all of you. You have been very helpful to me. I look forward to reading each new article that you print.

    God Bless You Ladies,
    and Thank you.

  4. well, just by looking at the articles that tend to talk the most about were i’m at and what i’m experiencing right now i choose peppermintgirl with cinnamonsticks a close second. i must say that every spice girl has written several articles that have blessed me. i’m sooo very greatful to all you ladies for all the work you put into this site. it must be almost a full time job keeping up with it, but you’ll never know the impact you’ve had on so many marriages! My husband and i are closer than we’ve ever been now because of this site. thank-you so much

  5. At times I can relate to all of you, but I choose Cinnamonsticks, however it was truly a tie with her and Spicynutmeg. I couln’t decide which to click on. I enjoy reading articles from all, but I have to say Cumingirl seems a little more bold, and would probably be that friend I’d like to be more like, if only I could come out of my shell. I’m a pretty shy reserved person (only out of the bedroom) and have that good girl image, but a goofy sense of humor. Only my very close friends, and family know the wild side even exists. I also enjoy alot of the bible studies from Spicynutmeg.
    It”s your different styles and viewpoints that make this site so awsome. Don”t change!

  6. While I chose spicynutmeg as the spice sister I feel I relate to the most…. I have been encouraged by you all. Thank you!

  7. I relate to Cinnamonsticks the most in opinions and perspectives, with Nutmeg a close second. I think Nutmeg has just written fewer articles that are in my field of interest. Cumin is so different from me, but I love that you’re bold enough to research and explain and create ideas that I learn so much from!

  8. Do y’all ever introduce yourself anywhere? I know you want to keep some things private, but just having some idea of who you are would make all of you easier for readers to relate to, I think. Just some quick mini-bios that state a general region (i.e., Midwest), how long married, how many kids, your job/hobbies/interests, and maybe something brief about where you’re coming from or what you’re passionate about when it comes to writing about sex and empowering women. :o)

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