Monday’s Mission # 90

Your mission this week is to pick a day to be intentional about a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Light candles. Get some music going. Get a new set of sheets for the bed if you can. I think it’s normal in a lot of marriages for sex to become a tag on at the end of the and it’s not bad to add it in after the lights have been turned out, but it’s also nice to sometimes make it special even when there isn’t an occasion for it.


  1. I have wanted new sheets for awhile! I now have a great excuse to get them and light some of my Dh’s favorite candles! Thanks girls!

  2. Does anyone have any suggestions or want to share your favorite love making music? The only time we ever use music is the alarm clock radio in the morning so the kids cant here us. I’m looking for something a little more romantic…

  3. Piano by Candlelight is really nice. My husband also knows a lot of oldies–Candy Girl is a fun one. If you use Pandora Radio, you can pick a song you like, and it will suggest a bunch of similar sounding ones in the same genre. You can put together your own “station”. Of course, occasionally it breaks in to the mood to have a commercial for Netflix or something come on in the middle of things, but if you already have lots of music in your collection, using Pandora may help you get ideas of a nice play-list.

    We like some Sons of the San Joaquin (western) music. One romantic favorite is the song “Is It Because”.

    I grew up on classical and some instrumental easy listening, so Mantovani stuff puts me in the mood quick. I love some soundtracks–Phantom of the Opera, Princess Bride, Henry the Fifth, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, some of the Lord of the Rings. Think about movies you both like, particularly musicals. Lots of them will have at least one or two vocal romantic songs. Put together the romantic songs from 6-10 movies, and pretty soon you have an hour of music. My husband makes all kinds of playlists. He made a “Battle Music” playlist for playing computer games, even! And that was way back when “making a playlist” meant putting a bunch of faves on a blank cassette tape.

  4. There is a lot of music that one can listen to. However, I like intimlands music for lovers. There are 4 CDs and they has been done well. It has the right music for foreplay that can arouse you ( depends if one can get turned on by music ; it sure does help to turn on and also muffle ‘other music’). Then there is music that slowly picks up that can be played during the intercouse and there are tracks that one can listen to during the afterglow stage. I guess these tracks have been put together for one purpose – sex.

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