Weekly poll #35: Is your husband your best friend?

In this poll, you should be able to add in your answer if it is different than the choices listed.


  1. he was my best friend even before we were a couple. I have other friends who are getting closer and becoming very good friends, maybe even other best friends someday, but I think he will always be my very best friend.

  2. I had to choose other! My DH and I are still working on becoming best friends! We are getting closer every year!

  3. I voted “yes but I feel you can have more than one best friend”.

    My husband is indeed my best friend but there is one more little issue. I have a twin sister and we are VERY close. Dating and getting married to my sweetie was sometimes tough on my relationship with my sister, but we were fine once I figured out that my husband didn’t have to replace my twin. They are BOTH my best friends, just in different ways. I consider myself very blessed, because I’ve had a best friend right by my side since I was conceived! It also helps that my husband and twin get along great … I guess he figures he needs to be friends with her if he’s going to catch up on what happened in the first 20+ years of my life! 🙂

  4. When we were in high school, my cousin and I asked one of our younger aunts about this very thing. She had been married about seven years, and was only about fifteen years older than us. (So maybe she was 30.) We were looking at her wedding pictures. We knew another aunt was her maid of honor, an older cousin was a bridesmaid, and we asked if she was still really close to her other bridesmaid, who we knew had been her best friend. And she said no. We were really shocked. She told us our uncle was her best friend now. And she did not act like it was a problem that her friendship with R had changed! I can’t tell you how being in a BFF sort of high school environment we were shocked/amazed. It was a really good thing for us to realize and see. When people marry, and truly become one, their friendships are affected, and that does not have to be bad. Friendships, even close friendships, can be nurtured, but the relationships we have with our husbands are exclusive, and unique. (And today I can say that my husband is definitely my BEST, most intimate (mind, too, not just my body!) friend, even though I have several other close relationships, particularly with my sisters.)

  5. I do not consider my husband to be my best friend. He is definitely in another category, a HIGHER category. To me, the label “Husband” means so much more than just a ‘best friend.’ He is certainly one of my best friends, but he is also my lover, my confidant, my soul mate, my other half. My hierarchy goes as follows:


    Best Friend

    Close Friends


  6. I voted “best friend”, but I agree with you cumingirl, my DH is also in a higher category.
    I have had a few “best” friends come and go in my life. I had my child hood “bests”, and my teen “best”, etc. But sadly even the best of them, the closest to me, ended up hurting me terribly and she hasn’t spoken to me for years.
    My husband in all that he is to me, truly is different than any “best friend” I’ve ever had. He is second only to the Lord in my heart and in my life. And while others have come and gone, he’s steadfastly my dearest friend and love, for better or worse, for the rest of our lives.

  7. I also voted best friend….but truly when I compare my hubby to the relationships with long time friends…he has proven to be the best friend, I have ever had…if i never meet and establish any other friendships in my life…I would be just fine because i already have the two most fulfilling friendships that I would ever want and need…God first and my hubby second…

  8. This is how I feel too. My best friends (and I do have more than one 🙂 ) are really special and important in my life, but my husband is so much more than that so I don’t think of him that way. My best friends are women in my life who I can be authentically myself with, without any concern for what they will think of me and they inspire me to become godly. My husband does that too, but I just always connect the term “best friend” to my female relationships.

  9. I voted best friend simply because I didn’t really like the other options. I agree with all of you though that my husband is simply in a whole other category above a best friend. I have an amazing best girl friend but the relationship between her and my husband is like comparing apples and oranges. My husband is a part of myself, we are one. How can I call that part just my best friend? 🙂

  10. i’m like hisgirl, my husband and i were best friends for 3 years before we started dating. he was even engaged to someone else for a short time. we always just connected and could talk for hours about anything. 3 years into our relationship he started looking at me differently and pretty quickly it turned into more than just friendship. we’ve been married for 12 years now and the friendship part of our relationship has never diminished. we still talk for hours about anything and everything and we still enjoy doing everything together. i also agree with the other posts that it’s beyond friendship now, but i would say that being my best friend is a small part of who he is to me.

  11. My female friendships aren’t what they used to be, so I don’t have any women that I currently refer to as best friend. But somewhere along the way, I became ok with calling my husband best friend and not desiring another. I know Christian couples who have to take along their “BFF (gag)” couple with them everywhere they go – vacations, Valentine’s Day, anniversary dinners, you name it. I find it borderline creepy and it solidifies my belief that one’s spouse should be one’s best friend. It doesn’t mean that I don’t long for closer relationships with my female friends (in fact, you can probably detect the sin of jealousy in my post here, something I’m working on all the time); but, it’s my opinion that to consistently refer to another woman as my best friend diminishes the priceless gift of friendship that God gave me in my husband.

  12. Haha, I totally relate to your being weirded out by this! Going out for drinks is one thing… going out on really special nights is something else entirely!

  13. Thank you! Glad to see that someone else relates. =)

  14. I find that alot of my non-christian friends do not have this type of relationship with their spouces. They have other best friends, which sometimes get in their relationships way. My husband and I are best friends first, it means even when I am upset at him, or even in a rough time when at that moment I don’t love him very much that we have a foundation that is stronger. Our friendship and our foundation in Christ.

  15. While my husband is my best friend. I have 2 female best friends also. There are different conversations that my husband just isn’t comfortable with discussing, so that’s when I go to the females and vice versa!

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