Weekly poll #36: Is there a season of the year that you associate more with sexuality?


  1. i don’t really associate it with any certain season – probably because where i live we only have one season – hot! even in the winter it just cools off slightly. i do have a fantasy of a secluded cabin somewhere with snow outside and a big fire in a fireplace inside….maybe someday : )

  2. I agree that I don’t really associate any one season with sexuality. The different seasons just conjure up different ideas – whether its relaxing in the sun and wearing very little around the house, or snuggling up beside a fire with hot chocolate I can feel sexy and sexual with my husband at any time of year. Maybe its important to just make the most of what each season has to offer.

  3. The answers in this poll probably depend alot on where each person lives. Where I live, winter seems to last a LONG time so it’s hard to really enjoy and appreciate it for as long as it lasts. Hot chocolate and cozy fires only hold their appeal for so long.

    My husband works outside alot over the summer so I have many fond memories of sexy times outside. 🙂 Obviously, my answer was summer!

  4. We got married in September so I have great memories of our first times together with the smells of fall and change in the air…..but I have to say that we enjoy sex together no matter what the temperature outside. We always make it steamy when we go at it!

  5. I think winter, because when it’s cold outside, it always makes us want to stay IN, put on our pj’s, and curl up under a blanket. 🙂 Plus in the morning when it’s warmer in bed than out, it makes us want to stay in bed longer, and that’s always fun!

  6. We were married in the month of August… we’ve been married 27yrs. so I have alot of memories of our Anniversary getaways…last anniversary getaway 2009 was a very hot one… lol and I don’t mean just the hot weather outside the room…lol…

  7. My hubby and I met in the fall at college. Fall always reminds me of those fun, romantic days that we wanted to ML but couldn’t : )

  8. my husband gets too hot during the summer, so I voted winter, though personally, I have to have the heat up to at least 70 degrees to not feel cold while ml. lol

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