The topic of “facials” can be almost as controversial as anal sex.  So, of course you know I HAVE to write about it!  😆  Seriously though, this topic has been danced around on a couple of different articles here, so I figured I might as well just go ahead and bring it out into the light for all to discuss.  If you’re sitting there wondering if I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about, then yes, I’m talking about your husband ejaculating on your face.

There are no doubt many of you sitting there reading this article thinking “Eeeww.”  That’s not an uncommon response.  I know that the thoughts of allowing your husband to finish on your face may not be the most romantic thing.  It’s perfectly fine to say that you aren’t interested in that type of sexual play or that that specific act crosses a boundary for you.  We are simply discussing one activity, out of hundreds of things, which a couple can share together.

I’ve read a couple of different sites that suggest semen as a great facial moisturizer.  I’ve also read reports that say semen can tighten your pores/skin, helping to fight against wrinkles.  There could be a little truth to that.  I know from personal experience that if you leave it on your face it dries out much like egg whites.  It pulls your skin tighter & firmer.  But whatever firmness it seems to give you is all washed away when you shower.  So I don’t really think that husbands will be able to use the line, “Want younger looking skin?”  😎

To those of you who feel like this is strictly a porn activity.  Let me just say here that if any activity makes you think of pornography, or gives you flashbacks to pornographic images, then it’s probably not a good idea to continue with that activity.  That being said, if you and your husband would like to experiment with this then you should feel free to do so, without guilt over whether or not this activity is done in pornographic movies.  (Let me remind you all that they also kiss and fondle and have intercourse in those movies too, so should we just stop having sex with our spouse altogether?)

This subject has also been discussed on other marital forums such as TMB.  What has been interesting to me is to hear from the couples themselves as to why they like doing this.  Here is a quote from one man:  “I love that my wife is so easygoing and playful.  She is almost always willing to let me finish on her face when I ask to (except when she has plans to go out somewhere and doesn’t want her make up messed up!)  For me, I love the visual of seeing my wife with her mouth open, trying to catch my come in her mouth.  And then I see it running down the sides of her mouth and chin.  I always aim for her mouth because one time it shot up her nose on accident and she snorted and we both got to laughing so hard!  So we try to not have that happen again!” And here is a quote from a woman who engages in this activity with her husband:  “My husband knows that I want to please him in every way possible.  Although it doesn’t happen often, when he asks me if he can go on my face, I usually say yes.  We will get him almost there by using oral or PIV and then I’ll get into position.  I always make eye contact with him and smile really big to let him know that I’m ready for him.  He’ll smile back at me.  Sometimes I’ll even talk to him at this point and tell him that I can’t wait to taste/feel his come on me.  When we’re finished he always cleans me up himself with a washcloth and tells me how blessed he feels to have me as his wife.”

So yes, there are actually couples who do this and like it.  I think that it probably depends on many different variables in the couple’s life, including but not limited to:  past sexual abuse, past sexual partners, past or current porn use, personal convictions, tolerance levels, openness, attitudes, level of trust in the relationship, vulnerability, etc.  I don’t think there is any one thing that makes this activity okay or not, but rather a conglomerate of things.  If my husband had a history of making me feel cheap or degraded, then I don’t believe I would entertain this idea at all.  If I knew that this was an activity he used to love to do with his ex wife, then I may not want to do it either.  If I knew that deep down I was disgusted with the thoughts of having my husband’s semen all over me, then again, I would probably say no.   However, if we had a very open and trusting relationship with no issues of past partners, and we were both very playful and eager to try new things together, then I may entertain the idea of trying this once to see how it goes.

Just for the record (if you haven’t already guessed) we have indeed tried this in my marriage.  Let me go ahead and warn you that if you do decide to try this with your husband, make sure you tell him to please do not aim anywhere near your eyes!  Let’s just say that one shot of that stuff will give you a blood shot eye for HOURS, and everyone around you will wonder if you’ve got a hang over or something!  Yeah, try explaining that one!  😳

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