The topic of “facials” can be almost as controversial as anal sex.  So, of course you know I HAVE to write about it!  😆  Seriously though, this topic has been danced around on a couple of different articles here, so I figured I might as well just go ahead and bring it out into the light for all to discuss.  If you’re sitting there wondering if I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about, then yes, I’m talking about your husband ejaculating on your face.

There are no doubt many of you sitting there reading this article thinking “Eeeww.”  That’s not an uncommon response.  I know that the thoughts of allowing your husband to finish on your face may not be the most romantic thing.  It’s perfectly fine to say that you aren’t interested in that type of sexual play or that that specific act crosses a boundary for you.  We are simply discussing one activity, out of hundreds of things, which a couple can share together.

I’ve read a couple of different sites that suggest semen as a great facial moisturizer.  I’ve also read reports that say semen can tighten your pores/skin, helping to fight against wrinkles.  There could be a little truth to that.  I know from personal experience that if you leave it on your face it dries out much like egg whites.  It pulls your skin tighter & firmer.  But whatever firmness it seems to give you is all washed away when you shower.  So I don’t really think that husbands will be able to use the line, “Want younger looking skin?”  😎

To those of you who feel like this is strictly a porn activity.  Let me just say here that if any activity makes you think of pornography, or gives you flashbacks to pornographic images, then it’s probably not a good idea to continue with that activity.  That being said, if you and your husband would like to experiment with this then you should feel free to do so, without guilt over whether or not this activity is done in pornographic movies.  (Let me remind you all that they also kiss and fondle and have intercourse in those movies too, so should we just stop having sex with our spouse altogether?)

This subject has also been discussed on other marital forums such as TMB.  What has been interesting to me is to hear from the couples themselves as to why they like doing this.  Here is a quote from one man:  “I love that my wife is so easygoing and playful.  She is almost always willing to let me finish on her face when I ask to (except when she has plans to go out somewhere and doesn’t want her make up messed up!)  For me, I love the visual of seeing my wife with her mouth open, trying to catch my come in her mouth.  And then I see it running down the sides of her mouth and chin.  I always aim for her mouth because one time it shot up her nose on accident and she snorted and we both got to laughing so hard!  So we try to not have that happen again!” And here is a quote from a woman who engages in this activity with her husband:  “My husband knows that I want to please him in every way possible.  Although it doesn’t happen often, when he asks me if he can go on my face, I usually say yes.  We will get him almost there by using oral or PIV and then I’ll get into position.  I always make eye contact with him and smile really big to let him know that I’m ready for him.  He’ll smile back at me.  Sometimes I’ll even talk to him at this point and tell him that I can’t wait to taste/feel his come on me.  When we’re finished he always cleans me up himself with a washcloth and tells me how blessed he feels to have me as his wife.”

So yes, there are actually couples who do this and like it.  I think that it probably depends on many different variables in the couple’s life, including but not limited to:  past sexual abuse, past sexual partners, past or current porn use, personal convictions, tolerance levels, openness, attitudes, level of trust in the relationship, vulnerability, etc.  I don’t think there is any one thing that makes this activity okay or not, but rather a conglomerate of things.  If my husband had a history of making me feel cheap or degraded, then I don’t believe I would entertain this idea at all.  If I knew that this was an activity he used to love to do with his ex wife, then I may not want to do it either.  If I knew that deep down I was disgusted with the thoughts of having my husband’s semen all over me, then again, I would probably say no.   However, if we had a very open and trusting relationship with no issues of past partners, and we were both very playful and eager to try new things together, then I may entertain the idea of trying this once to see how it goes.

Just for the record (if you haven’t already guessed) we have indeed tried this in my marriage.  Let me go ahead and warn you that if you do decide to try this with your husband, make sure you tell him to please do not aim anywhere near your eyes!  Let’s just say that one shot of that stuff will give you a blood shot eye for HOURS, and everyone around you will wonder if you’ve got a hang over or something!  Yeah, try explaining that one!  😳


  1. Haha I cracked up reading the last paragraph as I have had similar eye and nose experiences! 😀
    On a more serious note, however, to someone who might say that it is degrading, etc, is it degrading to your husband when he goes down on you to get your juices all over his face? (it’s sort of inevitable) If it’s fine for his face to be covered in your juices, it should be fine vice versa. Are we so much better than our men that we can’t do for them what we ask them to do for us? -just a thought.
    As far as the porn aspect of it, like you said cumingirl, if we are avoiding porn-like activities, then we may as well not have sex or sexual play of any kind… they do it all in porn. Porn is just taking what God gave to marriage and ruining it, not the other way around. I had to deal with the repercussions of my DH’s past porn addiction, and it’s not easy and there are memories and images, but they must be separated from the marriage bed. If they are not, than any part of our sex life could be a reminder of it.
    I believe ultimately we should think of our spouses desires unselfishly, and not expect our husband or wife to do something for us that we refuse to do for them…

  2. Hey outrageous one 🙂

    Been close to this many times so am going to make a ‘lewd’ suggestion to my hunk and see whether his eyes light up or not 😉
    I am the weirder one in our marriage!
    BUT,slowly he is shocking me with his own outrageous thought trains which blindside me, big time. There is a passionate and sexually creative lion inside my man which I shut down for many years.
    It is becoming a lot of fun learning how to unlock his lustful desire towards me.
    He has a ready and willing playmate to unleash his passion upon! So freakin’ awesome for me to experience. Honestly, I have cried to God to heal my man and to have him open up on me. Not giving up on my wifely crusade any time soon….
    My desire for a “facial” will be another weapon in my developing arsenal of attack upon the walls he built up to defend his sexuality from my frigidness. I look forward to a unique, replacement, egg white mask.
    The lingering scent will probably drive me crazy but a beautiful crazy to embrace with all my heart and soul.

  3. Personally, I just don’t think face can compete with the sexiness of him cumming on your boobs… but perhaps that’s just our preference. ;o)

  4. My husband is ALL about the open wanting mouth and outstretched tongue – lol. Sorry but reading that as I typed it sounded so strange. He just wants me to act like I want it. Personally I like it on my breasts, Iike to watch him to lick it off (is that too weird or what?).

  5. It’s not weird, just rare…. I could be wrong, but I don’t think too many men are into the whole snow-balling thing… (tasting their own cum)
    Does anyone else’s DH enjoy that? I’m curious….

  6. My husband is not into that (snowballing – never heard that term before – very creative word usage) however, I have certainly enjoyed it when we have kissed after oral on either of us. For me it is extremely intimate and incredibly arousing to know that one of us has just been down and so personal with our mouths and Now we are kissing. Anything involving the mouth is so very intimate to me and the added intimacy from the oral just performed just makes me crazy gooshy. Wouldn’t bother me at all if my husband felt the same way. I think we will be discussing this later today, I’d like to get his thoughtson it.

  7. So in that movie Stepmom, thats what they meant when she told the kid snowballing? Well I never knew that!

  8. I’ve never heard the term either, but my husband has occasionally done something like this, (like asking me to share after giving him oral) and there’re times when he has no interest at all. I never really thought of it as weird or anything, just seemed much the same to me as me kissing him after he’s performed oral for me. I always kinda thought it’d be rude to ask him to go wash up before I kissed him again (especially if we weren’t done with the LM), and really there was never much of a problem to me with it, the only thing that bothered me about it was gettin’ wet or messy – I just don’t like my face wet, but I can usually handle it with pretty good grace 😀

    So I dunno .. just never seemed like there was really any difference between the two, so I never thought anything of it.

  9. It’s a different but great feeling. Something about the anticipation, texture, warmth and, for me anyway, the taste. It’s a very intimate moment if you don’t let yourself get hung up mentally.

  10. Yes! On the breasts is amazing for us both…no idea why but it really is!
    Often it follows my replacing the traditional hand job with what we jokingly call a “boob job” using the space between my breasts instead of my hand(s) to make him finish.

  11. Getting a facial without opening my mouth and trying to catch some of his cum on my tongue wouldn’t be very much fun to me so of course I am going to get a taste. The taste is not something I desire for certain; however, with that said it is so unique that over time I have come to appreciate it. If my husband is eating, exercising, cleaning well and isn’t taking to strong of vitamins I can appreciate the taste because it is him, unique to him which makes it all the more intimate to me. As far as the texture, that is as acquired as the taste, not something I would have ever thought I try to get used to but I love the pleasure it brings my husband. He has so much fun when we do this that his enjoyment is catching. It is quite nice to be the center of attention for such an intimate act as some have stated. And of course I swirl my tongue around licking it off to increase the wideness of his eyes (he has such pretty blues) – I have never enjoyed kissing him as much as afterwards, they are always so passionate! We never thought much about snowballing for the sake of snowballing just enjoying kissing with a little something extra in the mix, pretty intense if you ask me! Also kissing afterwards definitely helps with any taste/texture issues!

  12. I think perhaps you and I might be only one or two of a few that enjoy the taste. I agree 100% about how different it is, special, unique, intimate – the anticipation of having my husband masturbating over me. I have friends who can’t handle the taste and especially the texture. I heard all this for years from them before I married. I was determined for this not to be a problem with me.

    As you states the moments can be very intimate and it does has to do with mental hangups. I read many Christian books during premarital counseling (which I highly recommend to everyone) and prepared myself mentally for all that marriage has to offer, especially our physical moments together.

    I practiced mentally preparing myself for anything that might take place during the honeymoon and after. I also practiced physically, I spoke with my friends about this, they all thought I was nuts to be going to so much effort. I explained that I never wanted to be a disappointment to either myself or my husband if at all possible and that I wanted our marriage to start off as uninhibited as possible.

    The first time it happened was a week after the honeymoon. During the honeymoon we spent a lot of time discussing our desires, interests, & openness finding out everything we could about one another that we did not already know. we found out that we both enjoyed masturbation and I asked him to do it on me in different places eventually arriving at my face. We had been so sexual nonstop since the wedding night that it seemed perfectly natural for me to kneel down and ask my husband to do this.

    My husband is able to get hard very quickly after orgasming this way so we have been doing it quite a lot. He says the visual is so arousing that it helps him get hard again. What has fascinated me the most is he never shied away from kissing my lips or breasts after he had ejaculated on me (it gets it all over me). And what I find as fascinating, our kissing is more passionate than ever.

  13. Absolutely! The kissing after a facial is more passionate because it is an act of acceptance. Sure, some can and have turned it in to a cheap and therefore degrading act, but, between husband and wife, it need not be that way. As far as the taste is concerned, sure, it doesn’t take like a Hershey Bar but the power of positive thinking makes up for a lot in this area. It’s an acquired taste but you can choose whether or not you will develop a taste for it. I hate broccoli but, if I had to eat it or lose my sight, I would try extra hard to learn to love it so it would not be such a chore. I feel the same way about oral sex. I don’t technically have to taste it (he would NEVER even think to pressure me to) just like I would/could not force my husband to do dishes but he does and I do and our marriage is better for it 🙂

  14. The responses to this article made me laugh. My DH and I have discussed this topic and it’s just not in the cards for us right now. He said the idea just seems rude so he doesn’t want to try it.

    Plus, I don’t like to have stickiness on my hands or face…every now and then I’ll giggle during sex and say “you got your goo on me” when it ends up on my legs or belly.

  15. We did this accidentally one time. My husband and I were at a hotel outside of Dallas. We had a passionate love making session going and he pulled out and when he climaxed it shot in my eye. It was explosive!!!! Now I wear a patch to my right eye when we make love. J/K!! but I do shield my face now with my hand if he is pulling out just in case LOL!!

  16. A good place to try this is in the shower. My DH and I love to play while showering. I gave him a hand/bj in there once and he now dreams of trying it again. it was a major turn on for us both to see his come all over my boobs that we had great sex that night. And the best part is we were able to clean up quickly and head to bed for more!!!

  17. I nearly cried when I read that wife’s quote when she said “…tells me how blessed he feels to have me as his wife.” I have been trying so many things to get my husband going sexually, nothing seems to really thrill him…there’s always the same end result (orgasm) but rarely does my husband comment on my adventurous, daring side…maybe I’ll pull this trick out sometime and it’ll excite him more.

  18. It’s worth a try. I’ll be a praying for you.

    Though I am the more adventurous one, I can’t imagine men who don’t want sex – a LOT. I have never met one.

    That would be an interesting poll and comment section:
    How many men do you know that could take sex or leave it…

    Let us know how it goes, I always read posts like this but never know how it turns out.

  19. I’ve been thinking recently about your situation, it saddens me. Stroll through the site looking for advice, I have read several over the months I have been here that might be of comfort to you. Also there are so many ideas here that could possibly help. A simple example is that my husband and I play sexual games. Obviously strip poker, do it dice (dice that tell you sexual things to do), board games and even role play games we have bought over the months. My husband loves to create questionaires to find out where I am with things in our marriage and sexually. It is quite fun getting asked sexually provocative questions. Get my mind thinking about it. I even find out things I didn’t even know about myself. Plus it is a fun way to discuss all sorts of things in our life keeping the lines of communication flowing.

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