Weekly Poll #38: Before you became a Christian, where did you find your definition of love?

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  1. I believe that I found my definition of PASSION and INTIMACY from movies and music. It was very detrimental to my marriage for a while because I was constantly comparing our intimacy to what on-screen intimacy “should be.” Thank our Lord for opening my eyes to what TRUE intimacy should be.
    Secondly, I found my definition of LOVE through the example that my parents set in their Godly marriage. They set the most beautiful example for me of what marriage should be. I remember thinking to myself, “When I get married, I want to set that kind of amazing example for my children.” But sadly I made the mistake of using their wonderful example to COMPARE my marriage to, instead of learn from. I remember thinking early in our marriage, “why can’t he treat me more like my dad treats my mom?” etc…
    This was a difficult lesson for me to have to learn. I had to come to a place where I accepted my husband as who the Lord made him, and not expect him to be just like anyone else. Our marriage is incredibly unique, there is none other that is just like it. And I am so glad of that now!!
    Even the best example can be abused, and I needed to learn to lean on my Dear Lord and not on any one else’s great love, as the Lord’s example of love is the only love that is entirely perfect.

  2. My definition of love was extremely dysfunctional. I based it on that initial ‘rush’ of emotion you feel when you have just met someone. That led to a lot of trouble and heartache for me. All these relationships began with sex. I had a therapist who explained to me how that was impacting my choices. Having sex so early on creates a false attachment to a person and causes you to try to stay with that person.

    I stopped having relationships once I realized that and more ways that my definition of love was so damaging to me. I was able to step back and look at what love really meant to me. I built a life and left no space for a relationship. Once I was ready to have a relationship it wasn’t one that would fill a void in my life. It was a relationship that would be the ‘icing on the cake’.

    When I was ready to date again I had a few false starts but walked away unscathed. When I met my husband I knew he had the characteristics that I was looking for in a man. When I saw how being a Christian had led him to be that way then I started viewing Christianity in a different light. By his actions more than his words I was led back to God. My son and I are active members in what was my husbands Church. My son and I have been baptized, my husband and I have married and he is about to adopt my son.

    God is awesome!!! He had a plan for me all along. I just had to be ready to receive Him. He sent this wonderful Christian man into my life to lead us back to Him. From that I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord. God is my Father, my best friend, my confidante. He is everything to me.

    Through God I have a wonderful husband, a family with Him and my family in the Church. My life is awesome, it is filled with love from every direction and it pours from me now to. I feel safe and secure in my life and giving and receiving love.

    I’m so happy to be able to share that with you.

  3. Since I became a believer at a very early age, my parents were my view of love to start with–self-less, friendship, romantic love–all of it!

  4. same here. I don’t remember much of what my ‘views’ were ‘B.C.’ 🙂 but I guess my parents were my example, contrasted perhaps with disney movies like the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast – which I think I barely remember watching in theatres.

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