Weekly poll #39: Church sex and marriage classes


  1. I would attend the class with my husband. We would listen carefully and learn as much as we could.

    Before my salvation I would have been the one sharing advice and giving tons of information. Now I wouldn’t think of doing it. I have learned humility and am comfortable with the fact that I don’t need to share everything. Others are more than capable of getting where they want to be without my help. I don’t determine when and where I should speak, anymore, God does.

  2. We are currently studying “A Wife After God’s Own Heart.” The men are studying the man’s version. We just finished the fourth chapter “Enjoying Intimacy.”

  3. Let’s see, the option–“sit in the middle of the class, and sit on my hands so I won’t try to answer any questions and embarrass my husband” is the missing option. 🙂 I think that if the class itself was on sexuality, I would prefer that any discussion or questions take place in gender-segregated break-out groups, though. I think that the Titus 2 pattern of men teaching men, and women teaching women about their roles would be a very good thing with such a personal and vulnerable topic as sex.

  4. I agree!

  5. This is interesting! At my church, we have marriage ministry every month. The topics discussed range from communication to children to sex, etc! The hubby and I enjoy this night because we get to fellowship with our brothers and sisters and have GROWN UP talk without having to filter anything!

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