Weekly poll #40: Which type of love is prevalent in your marriage at this moment?


  1. If you are in marriage for life……you need agape in your mind! I love the friendship that arises from it and the feelings of security it provides!

  2. “Forever Love” is what gets us through days of caring for our children, being a SAHM (don’t get me wrong–I wanted this all my life, but it IS hard work!), for him, it is working 50-60 hours per week, and both of us giving to each other after the craziness and busy-ness. (Sometimes the giving is sexual in nature, other times it means playing a game with each other, or even giving each other the gift of sleep. :-))

  3. it’s hard to pick just one! i think we go through all of them each day- ml last night was definitely eros love, watching a movie together and laughing is philia love, and i can’t imagine ever not having this cycle repeat day after day. i want to be with him forever and ever (agape love)! i chose agape, because i think that the three of them constantly being felt together would best be described as agape.

  4. I chose agape b/c right now the eros isn’t really there as strongly as it has been and that makes me less friendly. But we still love each other forever and that’s keeping us working on the other very hard.

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