Weekly poll #41: What month were you married in?


  1. so I voted 🙂 even though it’s not til THIS October 🙂
    192 days 🙂

  2. Our 12th anniversary is next week, & I’m once again using your site for fun ideas! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  3. 19 years next week and a great awakening due in part to this site!

  4. Me too! =) T-117 days!

  5. You go girl! Have you ever heard of the Psalm countdown? You read the Psalms from 150 all the way to Psalm 1, counting down the days to your wedding? When I was at college, a bunch of my friends and I were all getting married the same summer, and we were all counting down that way together–but on different days. My husband and I married on a Friday night, so we were always on a different Psalm than anyone else getting married the same weekend as us. . . .

  6. We got married last September…..almost 7 months!!!! So happy and in love, I have a great hubby 🙂

  7. 2 years next month! We can’t afford to go anywhere (though I want to so badly…) so I’m planning a ‘tropical staycation’ 🙂
    May is such a lovely month.

  8. Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and still very much in love!!!

  9. My DH and I put pennies in my windowsill! Everyday we took one down! That is how we counted down to our wedding! It felt like forever! We will be married 12 years in June!

  10. I find it very interesting that after growing up with the typical “June birde” mentality (I was married in June) that August is winning the poll! that is so very interesting to me! Where I live, August is one of the hottest months of the year, so I wouldn’t have considered August, but my sister did! Keep on voting and keep the responses coming!

    By the way, DH and I will be married 15 years this June!

  11. This August will be our 28th anniversary n we are still in love, especially after my awakening n discovering this site…

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