Weekly poll #42: Breast self exams


  1. I *know* I should do this a week after my period every cycle. But I don’t usually remember…

  2. it’s more than yearly but not regularly. Of course, my period isn’t regular so can that be my excuse? heh heh…
    I don’t do it often because I don’t really feel like i know what I’m doing or looking for…

  3. Although I put “yearly”, it’s more like every few years. I frankly have a hard time telling the difference between everything in there… it all feels lumpy! I suppose I should go in to a doctor and get her to figure out what’s going on in there… 🙂

  4. Guidelines have recently changed, and self exams are no longer recommended due to their limited utility in detecting breast cancer

  5. I don’t want to enter into a huge debate over this, but it’s my opinion and that of my survivor friends that this recommendation was to save money. Self exams are still effective and to tell women not to bother with them is an error in my opinion.

  6. Gmae…if you are going to announce that they are no longer recommended, please, would you site where you learned this information? Otherwise, I suggest to other readers to disregard this information due to lack of information.

  7. Here is the link to the recommendation. http://www.annals.org/content/151/10/716
    I am not sure how not having women do self-exams would save money. It certainly will cause you no harm to do them, but it likely will not catch a tumor until it is very large.

    At a recent meeting I attended, doctors noted that they do not do they b/.c they are typically unable to find them either, and when they don’t they are sued for not doing so.

    I am not trying to be controversial, I just wanted to share the new guidelines.

  8. Thanks, Gmae, for giving the support for your statement. However, I think it’s still important to talk to one’s own doctor about this simple thing that we, as women, can do to be a part of, and keep track of what’s happening in our bodies. Many women have been, and can continue to be the first to discover lumps in their own bodies. That’s good enough for me to keep up the self-exams.

  9. I marked yearly, but I think it would be more accurate to say “whenever I remember.”

  10. I don’t do this as often as I should but I have recently really tried to make an effort to be better about it. My Grandmother had breast cancer in her 40’s and discovered it during a self breast exam- NOT from her annual mammogram. I also know for sure that my doctor still strongly encourages them and she also does them as a part of the annual physical exam.

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