Weekly poll #44: What turns you on most?


  1. when my husband sincerely tells me i’m beautiful, or better yet, when i catch him admiring me with that soft, adoring look in his eyes. a gentle yet passionate kiss with his hand in my hair always works too.

  2. i”m an audio/visual person, so I picked two. Just looking at my DH (especially when barely clothed) is a real turn on, and then add to it him tellling me how much he loves me/ my body and letting me know what he wants to do to me….that sets me over the edge. This was a hard question to answer with just one category, i think they all play a big part in foreplay!

  3. Oh yes, hand in the hear while kissing works! 🙂 Sometimes I don’t mind him being a little rough about it either 😉

    I also adore it when DH comes up behind me while I’m cooking and starts kissing my neck in just the way he knows I like. Dinner is always burnt or late on those nights…. lol

  4. When my husband touches my breasts I melt. He knows this so if I am busy and he wants some I have to try to keep my breasts away from him!lol

  5. i agree! i love when he kisses me on the neck from behind like that – it always gives me goose bumps – the good kind!

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