Weekly poll #46: Where is the most interesting place you would like to ML to your hubby?

This really isn’t in poll format.  I wanted everyone to be able to respond in the comment area….    Make it be someplace you HAVEN’T made love in that you would like to …..  I’ll start here, and you can add yours to the comment section.

This past weekend, DH and I would have loved to ML in the bouncehouse we had for our dd’s birthday party…of course we didn’t GET to, but we WANTED to.

How about you?


  1. the playground! … at night of course.

  2. on the beach…

  3. Every time we go to county arboretum we wish we could do it outside under some grove of trees. If we were invisible for a day, I’m pretty sure that’s what we’d do. ;o)

    Another place we’re excited about is the bunkhouse his family owns up in the mountains. It’s all rustic and the beds are all creeky. That also, probably is our best bet at actually have outdoor sex. There is a lot of space up there and only about 20 family members visiting at a time. As long as we go far enough away from where we know other people are hanging out, we could probably make things work–we’re REALLY excited about that!

    Another place we might get to hit this year is a train. We would never have the skill to pull off an airplane so the sleeper car of a train is probably as close as we’re going to get. We have some friends that mentioned how much fun this was, and we’ve been interested ever since.

  4. Well one time while in Mexico we had this cool suite with a very large balcony mostly private. So my husband well talked me into trying on the balcony in a corner which was great but I couldn’t get over the fact that a couple friend of ours were in the suite right above us and could probably see if they came out so although the appeal was great the actuality of it was a little nerve racking! So if indeed I can get brave enough again I think in the moonlight on a balcony would be great only if our neighbors arent friends we know!!!!!

  5. backyard

  6. On the deck at our cabin, overlooking the lake! That’s my goal for our anniversary this year. He’s been hinting at a ‘wet t-shirt’ water fight in our backyard, but our neighbors would get a front row view, so I’m going to have to get creative with that one.

  7. – In a home that we actually own, with a large, clean shower and tub
    – In a home that we actually own, in the backyard swimming pool
    – In a home that we actually own, with a fireplace in our bedroom

    You are probably sensing a theme here…

  8. we would love to be able to make love at the park or the beach ,but always too many people,last summer we did it in a tent at the campground ,my husband laughed so hard at me because as i was on top of him in the tent the park ranger came doing rounds and shined his car spot light on our tent!

  9. 1. Carwash
    2. Dressing room
    3. In the ocean

  10. My DH and I love to hike to more secluded and lesser known waterfalls. Our son was conceived on one of these hikes. My DH is looking foward to doing some more hike this summer while his mom has the kids for a few weeks. Plus I like secluded cabins with hot tubs and picnics in the woods.

  11. We have a beautiful spot on the power easement that when you get to the top of the hill, you can see for miles. Just drive our truck up there with a mattress in the back and lay and look up at the stars and whatever else comes up . . .

  12. I would love to do on a river bank, beach, or even the back seat of the car. A pool would be awesome. but whatever we do would have to be VERY secluded as DH isn’t crazy about doing it any place where there would be even a small chance of being caught…but I think I’m going to rub off my adventurous side on him soon, I hope!

  13. I have to agree with Spicynutmeg a Bouncy house sounds like sooo much fun! I really wasnt too sure until I saw that, we were pretty adventerous in the early stages of our relationship so we’ve done alot. I think a bouncy house would make things very interesting, lol.

  14. It’s so much fun to do it in a place where you “could” get caught. I’d like to have an O in one of the places we’ve already done it, woods, hood of the car, the backyard on the lawn…

  15. Ooo I never thought of a bouncy house, but now I am definitely thinking of it! 🙂
    The other place is on a big flat rock outcropping we saw on a drive down to the coast. There were fences all along the field, so we couldn’t get to it :(. I love the idea of being out in the great outdoors, feeling the wind and sunshine…

  16. The only problem with the bounce house is that I’d think it might not offer enough resistance for thrusting. I’m afraid we’d just move up and down together as one unit rather than being able to get in-out motion. But I’ve never tried anything like this, so who knows. ;o)

  17. Yeah, we experienced that same thing when we made love on our trampoline! It was hard to keep a rhythm going because we kept bouncing. But it was fun and we laughed a lot! Gave us some great memories 🙂

  18. last summer my husband and i rented a 2-man kayak and paddled down a river. we paddled up several little fingers off the river into some really secluded woods and my husband really wanted to have a quicky in the kayak, but i chickened out. i was afraid we’d get caught. we’re planning another trip this year and i will not chicken out this time!

  19. The BEACH at night

  20. My parent’s pool table

  21. could ya put up clotheslines with sheets on the sides of the yard for a bit of privacy?

  22. we are totally gonna try out my fam’s trampoline next time they’re all gone on vacation (they live out-ish)….

  23. we did something like that once, only it was at night and I was on bottom so I felt a little more ‘safe’ – that was awesome. we didn’t completely strip either cuz I was nervous 🙂

  24. Since getting in shape a bit more, my confidence level is increasing.
    It takes mojo for me to act as sexy as I always feel. My fantasy would involve SHORT shorts, HIGH heels, sexy cut off top and have my husband take me with great passion on the hood of his car, in our garage.
    However, with 2 adult kids, 3 teens who are “curious about Mom’s next ‘wild thing’ move” and two littlies…this is one tough dream.
    Well, how much do I want it ? I usually get what I really want!

  25. My friend and I had a good laugh flipping through the “Sex” section of her husband’s Bartender’s Bible (the kind with 1000 cocktail recipes in it). At first we were just laughing at how outrageous they are, until it turned into “how many of these have you actually done?” and we realized we’d both done at least two of them! So now it’s sort of a checklist for me 🙂

    Also, we used to live next to a golf course and I always fantasized about making love on the turf at night. We got as far as making out on a blanket out there, then my husband was concerned about getting caught, so we went back inside to finish. Same town, there was also a mountain we climbed a couple times and I fantasized about doing it up there in a sleeping bag (just one sleeping bag for the two of us).

  26. I have carwash fantasies too, but in the city where we live it’s a little too crowded.. wouldn’t want the neighbors to see! I’d love to do this on vacation some time, if we had a cabin out in the woods or something, where nobody could see and the kids weren’t around!

  27. In a hammock. . .

  28. on our honey years back , we did it on a river bank, during the day. nobody around for miles…wow that brings back some good memorires. and than went for a good swim

  29. In our camper, but when we go camping, we always have tons of kids with us!

  30. I bet that would be interesting and challenging!

  31. I would love to take my DH to a store and take him in my mouth.
    And then let him take me.
    The thrill would be amazing.

    Only 2 weeks ago we went to a national rainforest and got to ML on a bench in the rainforest.
    It was incredibly arousing.

  32. I honestly hadn’t thought of that! And we already have a clothesline!

  33. A couple years ago (we were friends, nothing romantic) we were wilderness camp counselors and I remember passing this completely open, stone campsite half ringed by trees on top of the mountain. View was gorgeous, on top of being right next to the stars. I would LOVE to go back.

    On second thought, a huge anniversary trip hiking would be awesome, bc we’d be in a new place every day!! 🙂

  34. I agree with MrsC.. out in the wilderness is exciting! Last year my husband and I went on a camping trip and on the way we found this secluded river with huge boulders scatterd throughout. We were jumping from one to another, and since it was so hot we even stripped down to our undies, but we couldn’t quite go all the way cuz we weren’t completely sure that no one was nearby. We were new to everything then too… I think now I would love to go back there and actually do it on one of the big rocks in the middle of the river!!

  35. My family went to Maine for a backpacking trip when I was in high school, and I always thought that those “ponds” (80 feet deep!!!) would be amazing for skinny dipping. I would love to go back with my husband!

  36. I like thinking about the thrill of semi-public sex, but i don’t know if I’d have the guts to go all the way. Or I’d be so distracted I wouldn’t enjoy it. So I would like to wear a skirt with no panties one night on a date, (say dinner and a movie…), and fool around all night, then go home and have sex! Sex is always amazing when we take a few hours to get ourselves all worked up. 😉

  37. I would love to go to the middle of our wooded 8 acres and ML. However my teenage son often likes to hike out to find us, and now we have an 8 month old. Doesn’t leave much time. Would also love to ML in the bed of my husband’s truck on a backroad somewhere 🙂

  38. Continuing with the outdoor theme, there is a gorgeous island (San Martin Island) in the midst of a monstrous waterfall (Iguazu Falls) on the Argentine/Brazillian border. Depending on how you measure largeness of a waterfall, it’s one of the three largest in the world. There are butterflies everywhere. It would be awesome to ML on that island with the thunder of the falls surrounding us and butterflies all around us.

    A second would be a beach in Hawaii.

  39. My husband is helping build a house on an isolated acreage… I had to take him supper one night as he was working late finishing the floor, and there were hills perfect for privacy way out in the field, which we definitely took advantage of. I loved seeing his face against the clear blue sky. We had just recently talked about that too… and now he’s determined we need to own some land!

  40. We were counselors at a three day camp and had the pleasure of taking out the trash in our old truck. There’s no ‘married time’ at camp so….It was pitch dark outside and the dump was a 10 minute drive away. Good times.

  41. *Hotel Room with a full window high up with curtains open
    *Conference Room (DH loves the skirt suits)
    *DH wants to get tickets for a luxury suite at a sports stadium all to ourself
    *Broadway Musical/Play

  42. Out in the woods in the trunk of a truck or SUV; preferably with the engine running. Been wanting to do that for a while now – ever since my DH mentioned he wanted to buy a new truck. Gotta do something about that soon. . .

  43. That is something my DH and I do quite often. You can go with no panties regardless of length of skirt. I’ve went with short skirts and long skirts and in between. Trust me, you don’t have to wear a short mini-skirt without panties to get your hubbys juices going.

  44. My hubby is an Eagle Scout and for the longest time has wanted to take me camping. I would love the opportunity to go camping and ML in a pup tent ;). Oh yeah…

  45. Lots of these ideas are now “on the list” But where I want to do it is on our front porch in a chair.

  46. anywhere outdoors where we may be caught. the thrill would be tremendous

  47. Just one caution there, make sure you have enough ventilation. It can be very dangerous to spend any time in a stationary vehicle with the engine running.

  48. during our first year anniversary trip we made love in a tent in Maine. I want to do that again soon!

  49. We have 9 acres and are surrounded by timber company. For DH birthday last month we walked to a secluded area on our property and I let him film/photo me however he wanted. I would love to go to the nearby creek and do a photo shoot and let nature take its course. Haven’t done it because the creek runs along the road. But what a turn on!!

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