Monday’s Mission 101

I know this mission is late, but better late than never, right? πŸ˜€

Your mission this week is to surprise your husband with oral sex at an unexpected time. While he is on the phone. During his morning shower. When he gets home from work. If this is a difficult mission for you because of a hesitation you have regarding giving oral, just try to push your boundaries a little bit and see where it will take you. Give what you can.


  1. And if you don’t normally swallow, throw that in there too. I always do and the hubby loves it! I get out the massage oil and let it be a whole body experience. Then, I get MY just rewards ;-)!

  2. VERY interesting and timely that this is the mission this week! My hubby & I were away this weekend & I was trying (once again) to convince him to be adventurous and try OS on each other but he’s still completely refusing (even fresh & clean from the shower). We’ve been married 22 yrs and just in the past 6 or 7 months learned that OS is something couples actually do (we had only vaguely thought of it as something teenage girls do to guys) and we had NEVER heard of a man doing OS on a woman so our learning curve has been sharp. Now I’m willing and eager to try but he ABSOLUTELY isn’t. (I even got him to read the article on this website on cunnilingus 101 for men). He says that just “isn’t him at all” and he’ll never try it. So do you think I should try to get up the nerve to surprise him … ?

  3. I’m not so sure. If your husband is adamantly against OS and says it “isn’t him at all” then he may not appreciate you trying to surprise him with it. You are the one who knows your husband the best, and so I would caution you to think about whether or not you think your husband would be okay with this kind of a surprise.

  4. I actually suprised my husband Monday morning before this was posted. Since he got it on Monday I know he’s not expecting it again for a little while, so I am looking for an opportunity to surprise him again.

  5. I think I agree with Cumingirl. If it’s something he has told you he is definitely against, it might make him upset if you spring it on him. I know if I told my husband that I didn’t like something and he just did it one day in bed, I would feel disrespected! Maybe it is just one of those things you will need to lay aside for a while, and just enjoy what you have, and maybe in the future you can bring it back up for discussion. Sexual preferences can definitely change over time, I know there is a lot of stuff I do now that I never would have before. πŸ™‚

  6. I wouldn’t do it either. If he doesn’t want it and has told you not to then to do so would be very disrespectful. There may come a day when he wants to try but you need to back off and respect him by not doing something he doesn’t want. If my husband tried something I had told him in no uncertain terms I didn’t want it would feel something akin to rape. Sorry to be harsh but I think you really need to respect his wishes.

  7. Surprise oral sex is my new favorite thing! My DH loves it and seems to get turned on and get off much faster when he feels that I “jumped” him. OS is his favorite thing and it helps me enjoy it to do it spontaneously rather than when he’s asking for it. I like making his jaw drop πŸ™‚ He raves about it for days afterward, too. I haven’t found any other non-mutual sex act that pays such big dividends.

  8. It makes us very empowered as wives to realize that we have so much control over the sexual pleasure of our husbands, doesn’t it. It’s specifically evident with oral sex. I can tell that you use this power with a free heart and a desire to bless him. That’s so good.

  9. The FIRST time I gave my hubby OS was middle of the night. He was sound asleep (about 04h00) and then I just started with him and he ‘raised to the occasion’ before he knew what hit him and before he was fully awake… this is now one of my favourite ways of waking him UP (excuse the pun),,, and it excites me too to feel him ‘grow’ in my mouth!

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